• Virtual School Option

    For families and students for the 2020-2021 school year

    Information Session

    Registration for the Virtual School Option

    • Registration for the Virtual School Option is currently closed. 

    St. Bernard Parish Public Schools Virtual Option

    In these uncertain and unprecedented times, St. Bernard Parish Public School System is committed to providing a high-quality, rigorous educational experience for all students. We know that some families may want an alternate learning option for their child(ren) next school year. In response to COVID-19, St. Bernard Parish Public School System will be providing an at-home, virtual learning option that will support K-12th grade students throughout the 2020-2021 school year.

    SBPSB Virtual Option will

    • Occur five days a week
    • Engage students using online learning platforms
    • Use high-quality, aligned instructional resources
    • Offer flexibility for the time of day assignments are completed
    • Allows students to conduct self-paced virtual learning;
    • Provide instruction in ELA, math, science, and social studies for K-8th grade students
    • Provide instruction in courses required for graduation for 9-12th grade students
    • Provide students with technology, if necessary

    Teachers will

    • Monitor students’ attendance and completion of assignments. Lessons will be recorded and provided to students on an online platform.
    • Grade assignments and provide feedback to students
    • Provide accommodations for diverse learners
    • Be available for individual students who may need additional support
    • Communicate regularly with parents/guardians via email and phone

    Students will

    • Participate in required lessons
    • Complete all required homework and assignments

    Parents/Guardians will

    • For K-8th grade students, commit to nine-week increments with the option to continue with the virtual option for the entire school year
    • For 9th-12th grade students, commit to a semester with the option to continue for the entire school year
    • Ensure students participate in lessons and complete all required assignments and homework in a timely manner
    • Ensure students take all required local and state tests
    • Communicate with teachers to ensure student success 

    Additional information

    • Any student who participates in the virtual option will remain a student of the St. Bernard Parish Public School System.
    • Families interested in signing their students up for this option must complete the registration found at www.sbpsb.org/virtualoption
    •  A School Instructional Model Change Request must be completed in order for a student to exit the virtual option at the end of the nine weeks (K-8) and semester (9-12).