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From the Principal

  • Dear St. Bernard Middle School Parent/Guardian:

    It's your favorite principal over here at St. Bernard Middle School signing off for the year and saying congratulations on making it through another successful year of school!  This year has certainly had its challenges, and I'm proud of all of our eagles for making it through.  I also thank you all for the support and grace you've given to our Eagle Family throughout the year.

    I hope this summer is wonderful for you and your family and that you make the time to rejuvenate and to rest.  Here at SBM, we call that Habit 7:  Sharpening the Saw.  By taking the time for yourself and your family, you can continue to grow your child's potential for academic success.  One way your child can grow academically over the summer is to read.  This is important to increase your child's intellectual growth.  You will find infomation about our summer reading lists in this packet.  Be sure that your child works on these assignments this summer.

    Also in this packet you will find your child's report card, school supply list, and dress code information.  If you have any questions about the contents of this mail out, please contact me at 504-267-7878.

    If we are allowed to host a back to school night, this information will be posted on our school's website and our school's Facebook page.  Please check this regularly for any updates.  IN THE EVENT this is allowed, we will have our Back to School Night on Wednesday, AUGUST 4th.  Six Grade will meet at 5:30pm, 7th grade will meet at 6:15, and 8th grade will meet at 7:00pm.  This event, held in the cafeteria, is a great opportunity to meeet our faculty and allow students to purchase spirit shirts, PE uniforms, sweat shirts, agendas, and lockers.  More information about Back to School Night will be sent home in our second summer mail out.  Let's keep our fingers crossed that we're able to have this awesome and helpful event.

    Once again, enjoy your summer, and I hope we are able to meet and chat on August 4th.  If we are allowed to have this event, please come say hi!  And don't forget that the first day of school is FRIDAY, AUGUST 6TH.  School BEGINS at 8:00, so be sure to have your child here no later than 7:55 daily.  Yay!  Summer!



    Mrs. Angela D. Seibert, Principal


September Students of the Month






    September Student of the Month

    We are excited to announce St. Bernard Middle’s September Students of the Month.  These students managed to shine bright amongst their peers in only a few short weeks.  We are very proud to recognize them.

    St. Bernard Middle’s 6th Grade Student of the Month is Paisley Bell.  She was nominated by two of her teachers and Ms. Durapau says she is “an absolutely understanding student who comes to class prepared and with a positive attitude.  She’s always the first one to offer a helping hand and actively participates in every activity.  Paisley is kind, respectful, and very intelligent.  I love having her in my class!”  Ms. Alfonso says that Paisley is a joy to have in class” and explained that Paisley is just as helpful in her class as she is in Ms. Durapau’s.  Keep up the amazing job, Paisley!

    St. Bernard Middle’s 7th Grade Student  of the Month is Mia King.  Mia was nominated by two teachers because she is a “top notch Eagle who works incredibly hard.”  Ms. Ozuna also boasts that Mia is “unapologetically kind, diligent and an all around amazing person. Mia is the kind of student who’s quiet goodness speaks to her moral compass.  Her behavior is a reflection of who she is, not for show or accolades.  Spending just a few moments with Mia gives you a glimpse into her future.  She is sure to be a leader who makes a great impact.  She is a true pleasure to teach.” Mrs. Wallace says that Mia is the hardest working 7th grader in her class. “She is always eager to learn and willing to share her knowledge with other students.”  We are proud to celebrate you Mia.

    St. Bernard Middle’s 8th Grade Student  of the Month is Malek Jupiter.  Malek was nominated by Mrs. Lawson who is very pleased with his work ethic and positive attitude.  She says, “Malek is a studious, well-mannered and hard working student.  Keep up the great work!” We are so proud of you Malek! Keep doing great things.

    Congratulations to our awesome September Students of the Month.  Keep shining bright, and flying high as eagles do!