St. Bernard Middle School


Letter from the Principal


    Dear Parents,

    Testing is here!  Our students and staff have worked very hard to be prepared and fully ready for these testing days in April.  Plese ensure that your child gets a good night's rest the day before, is to school early, and eats a hearty breakfast.  The following are the dates of state testing. 

    Week of April 9-13

    Monday     Review

    Tuesday     Review, Awards Ceremony 9am

    Wednesday     TESTING- ELA Session 1

    Thursday     TESTING- ELA Session 2

    Friday     TESTING- ELA Session 3


    Week of April 16 - 20

    Monday     Make up Testing

    Tuesday     TESTING- MATH Session 1

    Wednesday     TESTING- MATH Session 2

    Thursday     TESTING- MATH Session 3

    Friday     Make up Testing


    Week of April 23 - 27

    Monday     Make up testing

    Tuesday     TESTING- SOCIAL STUDIES Session 1

    Wednesday     TESTING- SOCIAL STUDIES Session 2

    Thursday     TESTING- SOCIAL STUDIES Session 3

    Friday     Make up Testing

    Our students are ready, and we are asking you to encourage them to do their ABSOLUTE BEST each day.  I know that if 100% of our students give 100% of their effort, they will "Have finesse on the test!"  Ask your Eagle about our Testing Pep Rally, and get in on the testing fun!

    I hope you and your family had a relaxing Easter and Spring Break, and I hope to see you soon!  As Always,

    Love and Eagle Pride!

    Mrs. Angela Seibert


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