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From the Principal

  • Dear St. Bernard Middle School Parent/Guardian:

    Here at SBM, we are working hard each day to help your child master the skills necessary for success at school.  We’d like you to be a part of their success by helping to ensure your eagle internalizes what he or she learned each day.  You can do that with what I call “The Daily Learning Review.”

    What is a daily learning review?  A daily learning review is a conversation that reviews the learning from that school day.  A daily learning review is not the same as studying; it’s simply reviewing what was LEARNED in each subject of the day.

    Oftentimes, students tend to talk about what they DID in class.  They can easily say they “did some worksheets” or “worked in groups,” but can they tell you what they learned?  When they can, learning will grow exponentially.  The mind is a muscle, and reviewing what was learned strengthens the muscle and deepens the understanding of content.

    So begin the conversation with any subject you choose, and ask your eagle what he or she learned in that subject.  It may take a few days to get them to do this more quickly, but you will get in the habit. You may have to look in their school bag or on the LMS page (students can help you with this), but you want to hear things like multiplying fractions, understanding author’s tone, how chemical reactions work, or causes of the Cold War.  You don’t want to hear “groups,” “worksheets,” etc.

    AFTER your eagle has remembered what was learned for the day, then he or she should begin homework and get all papers organized.  Even if there is no homework, a daily learning review should happen regularly.  This helps students consolidate their understanding, see the big picture, and retain new learning.  If you want to hear more about this, call or email me anytime.  I’m always willing to talk about the literacy of learning.



    Mrs. Angela D. Seibert, Principal


Recognitions and Accolades

  • 2021-2022 Teacher of the Year

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    October Students of the Month 

    October Student of the Month

    We are excited to announce St. Bernard Middle’s October Students of the Month.  These students managed to shine bright amongst their peers for the month of October, and we are very proud to recognize them.

    Our 6th grade Student  of the Month is Jasmine Burd, and she has been nominated by all five of her teachers! Mr. Soule, Ms. Durapau, Mrs. Asevado, Mrs. Greco, and Ms. Alfonso all celebrate her preparedness and work ethic.  Mrs. Asevado says she is “a top notch student.  She is helpful, hardworking, and polite.  She has a knack for math, but she is never afraid to ask when she needs help, which is admirable as a brand new middle schooler.  I know she has a bright future here at SBM.”  Coach Greco says , “Jasmine always goes above and beyond what is expected of her and lives by the Eagle Code.  I know I can always count on her.”  Ms. Alfonso says Jasmine comes in every day ready to learn.  She is responsible, respectful, and positive. I love having her in my class.”  Amazing job , Jasmine!

    Our 7th grade Student of the Month is Averi Trueil.  Ms. Manino nominated Averi for her hard work in English Class, and she says, “Averi always strives to be the best student she can be.  She is hardworking and is an amazing role model for others.  She is always completing her work and following all school expectations.  Keep it up Averi!” Congratulations, Averi.

    Our 8th grade Student of the Month is Undra Carter.  He was nominated by Ms. Naquin, one of his English teachers.  Ms. Naquin says, “Undra is one of the most consistent students I teach.  He always tries his best and works hard, doing exactly what is expected of him.  He is an amazing student.  Keep up the great work Undra!” Awesome work!

    Congratulations to our awesome October Students of the Month.  Keep shining bright and flying high like eagles do!