Royal Court Raffle- MES School Parade

        We are excited to announce the Royal Court Raffle at Arlene Meraux Elementary. This year each class will have one Maid and one Duke. Students’ names will be placed in a drawing. If your child’s name is picked, he/she will be asked to wear his/her Sunday best (dress/suit) or he/she may wear the costume for their class. A sash will be provided for each Maid and Duke that will be collected at the end of the parade. We will also pick our King and Queen from 5th grade. We ask that our King and Queen wear their Sunday best. If you would like your child’s name to be placed in the drawing to represent his/her class as Duke/Maid, and/or King/Queen (5th Grade Only), please fill out the bottom portion of this note and return by Monday, February 7th . Winners will be notified on Tuesday, February 8th.