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Teacher Feature: Amber Moreland


Andrew Jackson Middle School: Amber Moreland, Art and Journey to Careers Teacher

Today is # TeacherFeatureWednesday and the St. Bernard Parish School Board would like to salute Amber Moreland at Andrew Jackson Middle School. Ms. Moreland is an Art and Journey to Careers Teacher at Andrew Jackson and is known for integrating literacy into all of her classes.

"Who would pick an art teacher to be their 8th grade team leader? Anyone would if it’s Amber Moreland.  She is organized, dependable, and a natural leader.  The 8th grade ceremony would not occur each year if it wasn’t for Amber.  She has it down to a science, and all I have to do is show up.  She’s a team player and works well with all of her colleagues.  She’s always willing to lend a helping hand."

- Dr.Montrelle Sinegar, Principal


"Amber Moreland is one of the best teachers I have had the pleasure of working with. She is an asset to the Andrew Jackson family.  She gives so much of her time to help others.  She sponsors AJ’s Youth NOLA running team and gives up much of her time to coach these student runners.  She has also spent a great deal of time rewriting the Journey to Careers curriculum.  Even with everything she has going on, she will always help anyone in need.  I am proud to say I work with Amber."

- Bridget Derbyshire, Teacher


"I’ve had Ms. Moreland for one year as a teacher. She’s the person you turn to when you need help.  She’s an amazing teacher and an amazing person.  Moreland is great at art.  She’s loving, funny, nice, and sweet."

-Alexanderia Bradley


"Moreland is a very sweet, phenomenal, beautiful, and compassionate woman. She believes in each and every one of her students.  Also, Ms. Moreland is an excellent artist.  She is creative and makes us go above and beyond.  She taught me how to think outside the box.  For that, thank you, Ms. Moreland, for all of your help.  It was an honor to be a student in your class."

-Kemicah Davis, 8th grade student


Moreland at Andrew Jackson