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New Elementary District Lines Approved

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 New Elementary District Lines Approved

Chalmette, La.- The St. Bernard Parish Public Schools will be opening its seventh elementary school this August, Arlene Meraux Elementary School. The new school is being opened to accommodate the district’s ever-growing student population in the upper portion of the parish.

In preparation for the new school, board members approved new elementary district lines at the February 21st meeting. District lines were created by administrators after closely reviewing current neighborhood maps and projected growth potential for each of the neighborhoods.

Currently, Davies Elementary has over 870 students, Lacoste Elementary has over 900 students, and Chalmette and Arabi Elementary each have over 700 students. New district lines will reduce each of these schools’ student populations by anywhere between 100 to 200 students.

Superintendent Doris Voitier explained that fewer students will result in improved student-to-teacher ratios.

“Elementary school is the foundation for our students’ education, and as a district, we are committed to providing our students with an ideal classroom environment. In order to obtain that environment, we try our very best to maintain a 20:1 student-teacher ratio – even though the law allows us to have as many as 33 students in a classroom. However, given the high numbers of students at the four elementary schools impacted, we are currently not able to maintain those ratios,” Voitier said.

In order to ease the transition for students and families impacted by redistricting, board members and administrators have adopted several policies.

Students entering their exit year this fall – incoming fifth graders – will be given the option to either attend the school in their new district or remain at the school they currently attend if transportation can be provided by the family.

Also, students can continue to wear the generic school uniform – white oxford shirt, khaki colored or navy pants, dress shorts, or skirts and jumpers for girls. Students will also be allowed to wear school shirts with the logos or colors from their previous school until the student outgrows the uniform.

Parents or families with any additional questions regarding the new district lines can contact their student’s principal or call the district’s central office at 504-301-2000.

Attendance Zones:

Arabi Elementary

South of Judge Perez Drive – from the Orleans Parish Line up to, but not including, Pirate Drive

North of Judge Perez Drive – from the Orleans Parish Line up to the Chalmette Vista Canal (not including De La Ronde Drive)


Chalmette Elementary

South of Judge Perez Drive – from and including Pirate Drive, up to and including the west side of Paris Rd.

North of Judge Perez Drive – from and including De La Ronde Drive to the Guichard Canal, not including Packenham Drive


Davies Elementary

The western boundary of the attendance zone will be the refinery

The eastern boundary remains Meraux Lane



Lacoste Elementary

North of Judge Perez Drive – from and including Golden Drive to the refinery

Between Judge Perez Drive and St. Bernard Highway – from and including Gallo Drive to the refinery


Meraux Elementary

North of Judge Perez Drive – from and including Packenham Drive up to the DeLaRonde Canal, not including Golden Drive

Between Judge Perez Drive and St. Bernard Hwy. – from the east side of Paris Road up to and including Chalona Drive

South of St. Bernard Hwy. – from the east side of Paris Road to the refinery


district lines  

Caption: New elementary school district lines for the 2017-2018 school year.



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