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Staff Feature: Odile Campbell


Odile Campbell, Lunch Technician at W. Smith Elementary School.

Today is #SuperStaffFriday, and the St. Bernard Parish School Board would like to recognize Odile Campbell for bringing so much joy to W. Smith Elementary.

“Ms. Odile is a model employee at Smith. She has perfect attendance every year! She willingly takes care of her responsibilities. In addition, she happily goes above and beyond to support school programs and activities. She also takes troubled students under her wing by speaking with them, allowing them to help in the cafeteria, and rewarding them for reaching goals. She is a true asset to the our Smith Family!”

Dedra Bailey, Principal

 “Ms. Odile is so nice and I think it is funny when she dresses up crazy for special occasions at school. I really like when she serves me pizza because that’s my favorite!” 

Tyler Miller, 5th Grade Student

 “Ms. Odile was voted our Support Staff of the Year for many reasons. She displays dedication, joy and school spirit and always goes above and beyond for our students to have a memorable elementary school experience. She really gets into the spirit of Red Ribbon Week and even dresses up like Santa Clause during Christmas and delivers treats to everyone. Ms. Odile provides service with a smile everyday and definitely makes Smith a better place.”

Kate Williams, Teacher

 Super Staff Friday