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Super Staff Friday: Yvonne Ben


Yvonne Ben, Educational Diagnostician at Arabi Elementary School.

Today is #SuperStaffFriday, and the St. Bernard Parish School Board would like to recognize Yvonne Ben for her exceptional work at Arabi Elementary as an educational diagnostician.

“Yvonne Ben, Educational Diagnostician, home based at Arabi Elementary, is truly one of a kind. Since Mrs. Ben who is a veteran educator with the exuberance of a teenager, works at most of our parish schools, I know all will agree. She brings her best qualities to the job each and every day. Her love of humankind and her belief that everyone is a valuable person; her untiring work ethic - there is no task too big or too small for Yvonne, her expertise as a Special Education advocate for our students and mentor for our teachers, and her love for ALL students are just a few attributes, that make Mrs. Ben a woman to be emulated by all entering the education field today. Although we don’t have Mrs. Ben at Arabi Elementary every day, we do have her every morning, when she facilitates the smooth, safe arrival of many of our students at our morning carpool line. Mrs. Ben gives that feeling of 'grandmotherly love' to each and every child she encounters each morning. I feel so fortunate, among many other things, Mrs. Ben is an Arabi Alligator.”

Carla Carollo, Principal


“Yvonne Ben is a lively, energetic individual. She is generous with her time and her talents. Yvonne always seems to know when to jump in and help whenever she is needed.” 

Bonnie Hebert, School Counselor


“Yvonne is one of my role models! I love her energy and her passion. She is truly a beautiful person that I thoroughly enjoy working with at Arabi Elementary and in our parish Summer Skills Program.”   

Shelley Lacoste, Teacher


Employee Feature Ms. Ben with a student