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Teacher Feature: Tammy Boudreaux


Rowley Alternative, Teacher Feature: Tammy Boudreaux


Today is #TeacherFeatureWednesday, and the St. Bernard Parish School Board would like to salute Tammy Boudreaux at Rowley Alternative School.

Ms. Boudreaux is an invaluable asset to her school community due to her compassion, positivity and instructional excellence.  She is, undoubtedly, a positive role model for both the children and adults at Rowley and consistently exemplifies hard work, emotional intelligence and a determination to do everything in her power to help kids grow and reach their goals both in and out of the classroom. 
Ms. Bonnaffons explains, "Tammy Boudreaux is the energizer bunny of our faculty. She is an extraordinary middle school math teacher with a level of enthusiasm and engagement that is exemplary. She is writing the sixth grade math curriculum for the district; participating in district wide instructional endeavors that strengthen her teaching; sharing her skills and knowledge with school based and district colleagues; facilitating the cooking club; starting a horticulture club; mentoring new teachers to our school; and, continuing to provide home baked delicacies for the faculty every Friday." 
Not surprisingly, her students agree. 
"Ms. Boudreaux has been an amazing math teacher.  She is an amazing role model, and she has been a great help on quizzes and tests.  Thank you so much for all of the things that you do for us. Love you."- Kendria Williams 
"Ms. Boudreaux has helped me in the past with many things.  She makes sure we know what she's teaching and also makes sure we know how to do it.  She has helped me in many types of ways, and I really thank her."- Catherine Wicker
"Ms Boudreaux helps me with my class work and is always helping me out.  I thank Ms. Boudreaux a lot for helping me out." -Mia Green
"She always helps me with my school work and assignments.  And when I get frustrated, she is always there to talk to." - Ray'ellen Thrash 

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