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Assistant Principal: Geralyn Russo


Assistant Principal: Geralyn Russo

Today we acknowledge one of St. Bernard Parish's assistant principals, Geralyn Russo at Arabi Elementary.
Russo can truly be referred to as a quiet “hero”. Although Ms. Russo may be considered by some to be reserved, it is often because her focus is always on her students and how she can help them to be more successful in every endeavor. She takes the time to get to know the students she works with and demonstrates compassion and understanding in every case. In her position redirection and reprimands are often necessary. In doing so, she may appear tough, however, deep down, her students know she believes in them and always is acting in their best interests. Arabi Elementary is lucky to have Ms. Geralyn Russo as their Assistant Principal.

“Geri Russo is a loyal and dedicated employee with a tireless work ethic. The work of an assistant principal can be challenging and at times frustrating. Geri rarely misses a day of work and perseveres with even the most challenging of students and handles them with patience and compassion.”

– Bonnie Hebert, School Counselor

“Ms. Russo is so understanding! She walks into our rooms constantly to check on students and make sure they are on task. She also deals with so much, but she always keeps it real.” 

- Alaa Alkurd, Teacher