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Teacher Feature: Stacy Schenck


J.F. Gauthier Elementary Teacher Feature: Stacy Schenck, 2nd Grade Teacher

Today is #TeacherFeatureWednesday, and the St. Bernard Parish School Board would like to salute Stacy Schenck at Gauthier Elementary School. 

“Ms. Stacy Schenck teaches 2nd grade at J.F. Gauthier Elementary School. Ms. Schenck is known by her current and former students as having very high expectations and for pushing all of her students to bring out the best in them. Ms. Schenck serves as Teacher Leader for her 2ndgrade team where she fosters collaboration among her team members with a goal of meeting the needs of all 2nd grade students with an emphasis on writing.”

-Lisa Young, Principal


“While not in the classroom, Ms. Schenck can be seen volunteering on several extra-curricular committees for the school. She recently worked as part of the Fall Fest committee to plan a very successful festival for our Gauthier families. She also serves as a moderator for our Gauthier cheerleaders.  Ms. Schenck can be seen at Cheerleader performances and marching in local parades with the Cheerleaders.  We are very thankful to have her as part of the Gauthier family.”

 -Kayla Russell, Cheer Moderator and Kindergarten Teacher


“Ms. Schenck is most passionate about serving as chairperson for the Accelerated Reader Program (ARP). The program encourages students at all grade levels to read and take computerized assessments on the books they read. Students earn prizes for passing the assessments and earning ARP points. Through her work inside and outside the classroom, Ms. Schenck positively promotes the value of both academics and extra-curriculars. Ms. Schenck is a great asset to J.F. Gauthier Elementary School.”

-Shellie Monk, Assistant Principal