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Celebrating Volunteers: Sunny Nagle

Celebrating Volunteers

Sunny Nagle at Chalmette Elementary School

The St. Bernard Parish School Board is so grateful to those who volunteer at our schools. Parent and community engagement serves as the foundation for our thriving school district, and it is because of people like Sunny Nagle that we continue to succeed.

Mrs. Sunny began her association with C.E.S. by helping her daughter, first grade teacher Stephanie Nagle, in the classroom.  She is also an official grandmother.  Now that her grandchildren are in school full time, Mrs. Sunny can be found at C.E.S. almost every day.  Of course we quickly learned of Mrs. Sunny’s willingness to help and of her “sunny” disposition, so her volunteer work now extends to the office as well! Thank you, Ms. Nagle.

Nagle volunteers in the front office at Chalmette Elementary.