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Teacher Feature: Sara Felt


Davies Elementary, Art Teacher Feature: Sara Felt

Today is #TeacherFeatureWednesday, and the St. Bernard Parish School Board would like to salute Sara Felt, teacher leader at Davie Elementary.

With the help of some very talented community members, Mrs. Felt was able to create a "larger than life" art room for the students at Joseph Davies Elementary at the beginning of this school year.  Throughout the year, students have found the room inspiring - helping them channel their inner creativity and curiosity.  

"Mrs. Felt is a fun and nice teacher who encourages us to express ourselves and our feelings through art."

- Trey Meyers

"I loved working with paper mache' and making the giant pencils!"

- Alexa Sullivan

"Mrs. Felt trusts us to do things like sewing!  She won't do it for us and encourages us to try." 

- Cadence Dettwiller

"Mrs. Felt is an art teacher who goes above and beyond to motivate her students.  Every week, my students count down the days until they can create their next project with Mrs. Felt.  All of the teachers and staff members at Davies truly appreciate the hard work and planning Mrs. Felt puts into creating such wonderful experiences for the children here."  

-Erin Johnston, 2nd Grade Teacher

"Mrs. Felt's talents inspire and motivate her students to be the best they can be and discover so many new things in art which makes everyday in her art class full of fun and laughter!  My students are always beaming with excitement to learn art with Mrs. Felt.  The projects she helps them create are incredible."

-Michelle Daussin, 1st grade teacher

"I want to be a child in Mrs. Felt's art class!"   "I can't walk past her room without staring in awe."  I'm always impressed watching Mrs. Felt interact with her students.  It's easy to see why they adore her.  Her talent and passion for art is inspiring to me!"

-Catherine Randall, 2nd Grade Teacher  

"Mrs. Felt makes connections through art and builds community in all that she does.  Sara lets her personality shine through her creative lessons and she really gets to know the kids.  She encourages her students to talk, ask for suggestions, collaborate and critique.  The more art connections her students make, the more they feel a part of the art room community.  Our kids at Davies love going to Art, many stay after school to participate in her Art Club and even more have built up the self-confidence it takes to display their work for all to see.  I love having Mrs.Felt on our Davies Team!!" 

-Tiffani Glapion, Assistant Principal

"Every year I wait in anticipation to see how Sara Feltwill decorate her art room.  I have to say, I think she outdid herself with this year's 'Bigger than Life' themed room.  I am constantly taking visitors to see her art room and believe me, every one of them is as impressed with it as I am. I am so blessed and fortunate to have Ms. Felt on my staff. She inspires her students each and every day with her creativeness. Way to go, Ms. Felt!"  

-Donna Schultz, Principal


Sara Felt stands by several of her classroom art decorations - larger than life glue