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Teacher Feature: Michelle Foland


Rowley Alternative, Teacher Feature: Michelle Foland

Today is #TeacherFeatureWednesday, and the St. Bernard Parish School Board would like to salute Michelle Foland, teacher leader at Rowley Alternative.

Ms. Foland is an incredible part of the Rowley team.  She spends countless hours- which includes arriving at school two hours before any child steps in the building- planning ways to best implement the curriculum and how best to utilize interventions and strategies to meet her students' needs.  She is always willing to listen to her students and tailors her instruction to best serve them.  While she holds high expectations and pushes them each and every day, she creates a warm and welcoming learning environment where students are comfortable to ask questions and explore new ideas.   

"Ms. Foland helped me do all of my work and when I didn't know how to do it, she talked to me and calmed me down.  She would always give me several chances and was very understanding and positive."


"When I came to Rowley I was failing. Ms. Foland helped me bring my grades up and helped me grow."


Folland celebrates the achievements of a student.