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Celebrating Volunteers: Tiffani Deimel

Celebrating Volunteers

Tiffani Deimel at Davies Elementary School

The St. Bernard Parish School Board is so grateful to those who volunteer at our schools. Parent and community engagement serves as the foundation for our thriving school district, and it is because of people like Tiffani Deimel that we continue to succeed.

"Tiffani Deimel is a hard working, supportive parent who keeps herself completely involved in her children's education.  She not only does everything she can to support her own sons' teachers, but she also goes above and beyond to make sure all of the extra things around Davies run smoothly.  I am thankful that I have been given the opportunity to teach both of her children.  She is definitely a partner with me in the educating process."  

​--2nd grade teacher, Erin Johnston


"Tiffani is a wonderful and totally involved parent who is always there to lend a helping hand to the staff members of Davies Elementary School."  

--3rd grade teacher, Mike Scallan


"Tiffani is working so hard to get everything together for our Fall Fest to make it special for our students.   I want to acknowledge all of her hard work. She subs, is President of the Davies PTO and runs a Boy Scout troop with her husband. Tiffani is a busy lady!  We truly appreciate her dedication to our school."

  --Davies Principal, Donna Schultz 


Tiffany Decimel