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Update from the Superintendent (08.02.2021)


We recently welcomed our educators back into our buildings for a day of professional development. We’re looking forward to our students returning to in-person learning this Friday, August 6.

However, in response to the increase in COVID-19 cases, the Governor issued a statewide mask mandate. As such, we’ve updated our 2021-2022 Return to School Guidance to reflect this mandate. Please note the following changes to our guidance: 

Face Coverings

At this time, all adults and students must wear face coverings indoors. Face coverings must be worn in all areas of the school including classrooms. Most importantly, face coverings should be worn during arrival, dismissal, and any other transition within the school building. Face shields may be worn in addition to face coverings but do not take the place of face coverings. 

As specified in the Louisiana Department of Education (LDOE) 2021-22 Operational Guidelines, all passengers on a school bus must wear a face covering while using transportation, regardless of the capacity on the bus per Presidential Executive Order No. 13998 for Promoting COVID-19 Safety in Domestic and International Travel.

However, individuals with severe breathing difficulties, as documented by a doctor’s note, may be excused from wearing a face covering and instead may be required to wear a shield.

Face coverings can be of any color or pattern but cannot contain writing or symbols which may be perceived as vulgar, profane, satanic, gang-related, violent, political, or tobacco, drug or alcohol-related. In accordance with our dress code, bandanas may not be worn as a face covering. The principal will make the final decision as to whether a face covering is acceptable.

It is our hope that this year, we are able to come together, united in our passion and purpose, to provide quality educational instruction, so our students are responsible, productive citizens and life-long learners. 

The St. Bernard Parish School Board believes that in-person instruction is vital to the success of our students. Ensuring that all adults and students wear face coverings — and with continued emphasis on social distancing — we believe our schools remain a safe place for our students and staff. 

As the situation evolves, we will monitor the data and work closely with local health officials and the Louisiana Department of Health to make any necessary adjustments. 

As always, stay well, stay informed, and stay united.


Doris Voitier

Superintendent of St. Bernard Parish Public Schools