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St. Bernard Parish Academic Games Team Wins National Championship


Media Contact: Alexis Pritchard

Date: 05/11/2022

Phone: (504) 301-2000


St. Bernard Parish Academic Games Team Wins National Championship

Chalmette, LA - The St. Bernard Parish’s Academic Games Team brought home a bevy of awards after competing in this year’s national tournament in Knoxville, Tennessee, highlighted by the National Championship Gold Thinker Award in Presidents won by the district’s Junior Division Team. 

A “Thinker” is the highest award given at this elite competition which pits some of the brightest students in the country against each other in a series of brain games requiring the use of higher-order thinking skills. In addition to the national championship, other awards of merit include the National Runner-Up Team Thinker Award in Presidents for the Elementary Division and two top individual awards for 11th grader Selina Li, who took home the National Runner-Up Silver Thinker Award for a Perfect Score in Equations and a Perfect Score Medal in Onsets for the Junior Division.

Superintendent Doris Voitier, a former player and coach, said these games are near and dear to her heart.

“Academic Games challenges students from across the nation in the areas of language arts, English, history, and mathematics,” she said. “Thousands compete for a spot on the national teams and this year, our group did an amazing job. We couldn’t be more proud of the players and the coaches for their well-deserved success.”

Congratulations to the team on the following accomplishments:

Elementary Division


  • National Runner-Up Silver Thinker: Team Award
  • 8th Place Individual Medal: Enzo Martin Verdecie


    • 6th Place Thinker: Team Award


    • 5th Place Team Thinker Award
    • 8th Place Individual: Jack McMullin

Middle Division


  • 5th Place Blue Thinker: Team Award
  • 7th Place Individual Medal: Christian Miller


  • 5th Place Blue Thinker: Team Award

Junior Division


  • National Champions Gold Thinker: Team Award
  • 9th Place Individual: Tania White
  • 9th Place Individual: Kimberly Quintanilla


  • Perfect Score Medal: Selina Li
  • 3rd Place Bronze Thinker: Team Award


    • 5th Place Thinker: Team Award
    • 10th Place Individual Medal: Selina Li
    • 10th Place Individual Medal: Kimberly Quintanilla


    • National Runner-Up Silver Thinker, Perfect Score: Selina Li 


    • 3rd Place Bronze Thinker: Team Award
    • 4th Place Individual: Selina Li 

Senior Division


  • 4th Place Medal: Team Award


    • 5th Place Medal: Team Award
    • 3rd Place Individual Bronze Thinker: Coby Barrow
    • 3rd Place Individual Bronze Thinker: Ava Volante


    • 6th Place: Team Award
    • 10th Place Individual: Coby Barrow

This year's team was accompanied by the district’s local and national Academic Games coordinator, Gena Asevado, and coaches Melinda Hall, Lori Gilchrist, Abbie Schilling, and Jonathan Palazzolo.

Assistant Superintendent Mary Lumetta recognized these outstanding players and coaches at the most recent School Board meeting. 

“Just as we recognize great athletes in their arenas of performance, so too do Academic Games reward the great minds and strategists that compete in these challenging competitions,” said Lumetta. “Our players and coaches work throughout the year to prepare for the local and national tournaments, and we are so happy to see that work pay off with all of these awards.”

Lumetta was also quick to credit Chalmette Refining, LLC for its continued financial support for National Academic Games Teams. 

“We are so grateful for the annual $15,000 in monetary support that Chalmette Refining has provided us over the years. Their sponsorship truly helps make the games possible and allows our players to compete on the national stage.”

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