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Section 3: Academic Awards



ARP (Accelerated Reader Program)

Children in all grades are encouraged to participate in the Accelerated Reader Program (ARP) which promotes reading for enjoyment.  Children read books and complete a computerized test on each book read.  They earn points for reading and receive prizes as the points accumulate.  Classroom goals are also set and homerooms are rewarded for meeting these goals.  Accelerated Reader tests may be taken between the hours of 8:15 and 3:40 p.m. on school days.



End of year awards are presented to students for outstanding performance in the Accelerated Reader Program, Sportsmanship, and other areas.


HONOR ROLL  A student who receives all A’s and B’s in academic subjects and Conduct, and S’s in all cultural arts classes will receive an honor roll certificate.  Honor roll certificates are issued at the end of each nine weeks and at the end of the year.



A Perfect Attendance Award is presented at the end of the year to any student who misses no more than one-half day during the school year.  One-half day consists of 3 ½ hours of missed school.  Minutes missed through tardiness and checkouts are added up and may keep a child from receiving a perfect attendance award.



A student who receives all A’s in academic subjects and Conduct and an S in PE, Art, and Music will also receive a Principal’s Award.



The Student of the Year Awards Program is designed to recognize outstanding 5th grade students. This program is a great way for our school to celebrate those students who have demonstrated excellent academic achievements, leadership ability, and citizenship. 


Student of the Year Guidelines:  In order to be considered, a student must at minimum meet the following criteria:

Student G.P.A. 2nd through 5th grade must be in the top 15% of the class and be no less than a 3.1

LEAP test scores must demonstrate proficiency at grade level

Student conduct embodies the school culture and values

Student should be involved in extracurricular activities inside or outside of school


Chalmette Elementary‘s Student of the Year process begins in the early fall.  Students who meet the above criteria are identified and must then complete a written essay and an oral interview.  One fifth grade student is selected from this outstanding group of nominees to represent Chalmette Elementary as Student of the Year.  The CES Student of the Year advances to district Student of the Year competition.


If there is a dispute regarding the selection of a candidate, please contact your school principal directly. 



The “Terrific Kid” program is sponsored by the St. Bernard Kiwanis Club. Terrific Kids are selected by teachers to be recognized at monthly Terrific Kid ceremonies based on their positive attitude and other attributes. Honored students receive a certificate, a Terrific Kid T-shirt, and a lawn sign.