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Section 2: Curriculum and Instruction




  • A student must achieve the objectives specified in the district and state curriculum. Students not meeting specified criteria for promotion are retained.


  • In Grades 1 - 5, a child will be retained if he/she earns a final grade of F in Reading/ELA and an F in Math. Summer remediation for Grades 1 through 5 is required if the student fails either Reading/ELA or  Promotional decisions will be made on these students after completion of summer remediation. Students who do not achieve mastery of objectives or who choose not to participate in summer remediation are retained.


  • Students in Grade 4 must attain at least a Basic in two subjects on the LEAP test. Students not meeting this standard will be required to participate in a remediation program.


  • Students in grades K-5 must be in attendance for at least 167 days during the school year. Doctor’s excuses are only acceptable for extenuating circumstances.  All absences are counted in the 14 day absence policy.


  • Students are considered for promotion/retention based on the promotion/retention policy set forth in the PUPIL PROGRESSION PLAN adopted annually by the St. Bernard Parish School Board and approved by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.




Students in kindergarten through fourth grade receive instruction in self-contained classrooms.  Fifth grade classes follow a block schedule, with one ELA/Social Studies teacher and one Math/Science teacher.  The curriculum is aligned with the Louisiana State Standards.  Physical education, art, and music objectives are taught by teachers specialized in these areas.  All students have access to the school library and computer labs.


Students who qualify for Special Education services will be instructed in the classroom setting specified on their Individual Education Program (I.E.P.). A guidance counselor and social worker are also available for students as needed.


Several intervention programs are provided for students who require additional assistance to meet their reading or math goals.  A gifted program offers enrichment for students who meet evaluation criteria.



CLEVER:  Clever is an easy way for children to log in and learn with all of the online programs they use at school. With their own personal portals, students can learn with resources selected by their teacher and district. Chalmette Elementary uses Clever so our students can have all of their digital resources in one place. Clever also eliminates the need to remember multiple usernames and passwords.  The link for our Clever site can be found by visiting the Quick Links on our school website. The

student’s username and password will be provided by your child’s teacher at the beginning of the school year.



Homework is assigned to reinforce, extend, and enrich the skills and concepts that have been introduced by the teacher.  Homework provides an opportunity for a student to develop self-responsibility, time management skills, and independent study skills.  Homework is expected to be turned in completed each day.  Homework is posted weekly on the school website.  Check with the teacher if you have any questions concerning homework.




The library is open every day.  Students may come to the library for recreational reading assignments and research with the permission of their teacher and librarian.


Each student has a regular library period as part of the curriculum.  During this period, the librarian reads to the students, teaches them library skills, and instructs them on how to use a library properly.  The students are also allowed to check out books during this time.  If students fail to return their book on the due date, they may not check out another book until their overdue book is returned.

 Students are responsible for books they check out.  If a book is lost or destroyed, the student will be required to pay for it.  If lost books are paid for and the books are found at a later date, the money will be returned to the student.




Progress reports will be distributed in the middle of each grading period.  Report cards are issued at the end of each nine weeks period.  The following grading scale is used for reporting purposes:     


A = 93 - 100

B = 85 – 92

C = 75 - 84               

D = 67 - 74

F = 0 - 66



Third, fourth, and fifth grade students will take LEAP assessments in English/Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies.  Testing dates are set by the state Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.  Grades 3 and 4 will complete paper and pencil tests.  Fifth grade students participate in online testing. See Important Dates at the beginning of this handbook for this year’s testing dates.



Students will be assigned all required textbooks and workbooks.  Each student is responsible for the proper care of these books.  Payment will be required for all lost or damaged books.  Book prices range from $5.25-$49.95.  All textbooks should be covered with a book sock.  Please help your child care for the books properly.



Test packets will be sent home on a regular basis.  It is important that you review the tests with your child.  Signed tests must be returned to the teacher in a timely manner.  Please read the teacher’s class procedures when they are sent home in August and adhere to them throughout the year.