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Section 1: Communication and Family Engagement



Chalmette Elementary recognizes that parent/family involvement is essential as we partner to educate our students and prepare them for life-long learning. Together, families working alongside our school educators, we can support student learning and growth.


It is our intention to cultivate and support active family involvement through a number of different ways:



SchoolStatus: An Easier Way to Connect With Us

In the 2020-2021 school year, our educators began using a new platform called SchoolStatus to connect with parents. This means that all teachers, counselors, and administrators throughout our district will be reaching out using this communications tool. This will replace individual teachers' need to create separate RemindApp or ClassDojo accounts. Here are a few answers to some common questions:

· Do I need to download an app? No. Calls and texts may come from a number you don’t recognize, but that is your direct line to the educator contacting you.

· If I respond to a text, who gets the message? The educator who contacted you! You’re not responding to an entire group. It’s a 1 to 1 message.

· If I miss a call, can I call the number back? Yes! You may leave a message for the educator who called, or text that same number and know you’ll reach the educator who called you.

· How does the system know my phone number or email? SchoolStatus will utilize the contact information in the school’s student system. It is critical that your phone number and email address are accurate and up-to-date. Please contact your school secretary if your contact information has changed.


School and District Websites:

Our school and district websites provide families the most up-to-date information regarding school operations, school and district policies, upcoming events, and announcements. You can find our school website by visiting


Teachers will also be posting important information regarding assignments, tests, class resources, and other helpful reminders and announcements to their Teacher Web Pages. You can find your child’s teacher web page by visiting the “Teachers” tab on our school website.

Social Media Accounts:

Chalmette Elementary utilizes Facebook to communicate with our families and community. Please be sure to “like” our school and district Facebook pages to get the latest information about what is happening within our school.


Progress Monitoring: Student Progress Center - Quick Access to Student Grades, Attendance and Schedules Parents may utilize the Student Progress Center by visiting or visiting our school or district websites. The Student Progress Center will give parents access to current information regarding your child’s schedule, attendance, class work, interim progress report, report card grades, test scores and registration information.






Parent/Teacher Conferences:

The most effective communication between parents and teachers is the parent-teacher conference. Parents are encouraged to contact the school whenever the need arises. However, since class time belongs to ALL children, parent conferences should never be attempted during actual teaching time. To ensure sufficient time for your conference, pre-arrange it by using the SchoolStatus tool to schedule a personal or phone conference. The conference will be arranged either before or after school hours or during the teacher’s planning period that week. Teachers are available for conferences before and after school at the discretion of the teacher. The principal, assistant principal, guidance counselor, or teacher may sometimes request a conference with a parent. Please be sure to attend these meetings.


Protocol for Resolving Teacher and Parent Issues:

If at any time there is a problem with a teacher, please call and ask for a conference with that teacher. If still dissatisfied, ask to talk with the principal or assistant principal. Many problems can be resolved if communication lines are left open.


Parent-Teacher Club (P.T.C.):

All parents are invited to become members of our Parent-Teacher Club. We strongly encourage families to become involved in school events and activities.


Parent Volunteers:

Chalmette Elementary welcomes parent volunteers! Parent volunteers are the key to success for many of our school events and activities, such as Munchie Monday, Viking Buck Redemption, Fall Fest, and our school Book Fair. If you are able to volunteer in any capacity, please notify the office. All parents must check in at the office with a valid Driver’s License to obtain a Gate Guardian Pass before going to any part of the building. No younger siblings may accompany volunteers in the building. (See VISITORS section for more information on Gate Guardian.)