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Monday Morning Assembly

Nunez Robotics Team

Several of our Lacoste student's are member's of the Nunez Community College Robotics' Team

Our Bulldogs were able to place in the Louisiana First Lego League Robotics Regional Tournament


1st Place - Alex and Gage

4th Place - Callan, Carsten, Graham and Wyatt


Teacher for a day

Khloe Artus - Saved her Bulldog Bones to purchase being teacher for the day.  She chose Ms. Powers and Ms. Clark.  Have an awesome day Khloe!

Food Drive

Autum - Helping to bring awareness to our K-Kids Holiday Food Drive

K-Kids Officers

K-Kids 2022-2023 Officers

President: Grace Dewey, Vice-President: Collin Chappetta, Secretary: Alexander Davis, 5th Grade Rep: Autumn Higginbotham, 4th Grade Rep: Molly Ricks, 3rd Grade Rep: Hadley Tortorich


Positive Office Referrals

Positive Office Referrals

Autum - She helped another student by carrying her lunch for her.

Moriah - She helped fellow students get their school bags.

Jermone - He helped a kindergartner get paper towels in the Cafe'.


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