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Teacher Feature: Alexis Duque


St. Bernard Middle School Teacher Feature: Alexis Duque, English I and English II at Chalmette High School

Today’s Teacher Feature highlights the exceptional talents of English teacher Alexis Duque, who teaches English I and English II at the CHS Academy.  Ms. Duque is most known for her rigorous curriculum and expectations, as well as her ability to teach holistically and reach all types of learners.  Given her extraordinary talents in the classroom, it is no surprise that Ms. Duque has been chosen as the 2017 CHS Teacher of the Year.  Thank you, Ms. Duque, for all that you do at CHS!

 “Mrs. Duque is a very patient and polite teacher. She cares a lot for her students and tries her hardest to help us get a passing grade. Furthermore, she is one of the best English teachers I have ever had. “

-Oluwafemi Fathiu Olaku-Oropo, student

“Ms. Duque is the best teacher ever! She inspires us to do our best and has taught me, personally, things that other teachers haven't taught me in years. “

-Alexiane Thompson, student


“Ms. Duque is an AMAZING teacher.  She truly addresses her students’ academic, social, and emotional needs.  CHS is lucky to have her on our team.”

-Emily Boackle, Assistant Principal


"Alexis Duque is amazing. There are really no better ways to put it. She is always so kind, patient, and caring to every person. She takes on the world with such grace and positivity that it makes everyone strive to be a better person and no one can be unhappy once you leave her presence. She loves her students and treats them all as if they were her own children as she guides them in the English curriculum but also in modeling for them what it means to be a good citizen."

-Aimee Whitesell