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Letter from the Principal

  •  The Spring Semester is in Full Swing at C.F. Rowley Alternative School

    The spring semester is a time of year when we continue our focus on impacting student achievement.  In PLCs, our teachers meet in core area groups and evaluate assessments to chart student progress.  Students who need additional assistance to meet their assessment goals are identified and individual plans are developed for each of these students to target their strengths and areas for improvement.  The composition of the student body at Rowley is one of variant needs, both academic and behavioral, and we must be creative in meeting those individual needs as opposed to implementing a “cookie cutter” approach to personal and academic growth for our students.  This is one of the many areas in which the faculty and staff at Rowley shine.  Our teachers are consistently tapping into their instructional creativity to ensure that no student feels that he or she is incapable of realizing success.  Every adult on campus is committed to building relationships with students so that these adolescents can realize their full potential.  It is, and will continue to be, one of the fundamental components of our school’s mission.

    The 2018 state assessments, LEAP 2025 (sixth, seventh, and eighth graders) and EOCs (end of course tests for high schoolers) are online, computer-based assessments.  Teachers are administering computer-based practice tests; students who receive testing accommodations are using a computer-based program; and, we are providing time in enrichment periods to practice typing for speed to assist students in time management on constructed response questions.  In this technological society in which we live, we are tapping into the technological savviness of our students in our efforts to impact student achievement.  We are confident that our efforts will result in student success.

    The EOCs for high schoolers will be administered from the end of April through the middle of May.  LEAP 2025 will be administered throughout the month of April. As we continue to prepare our students at school, we ask that parents and guardians encourage students to practice their skills at home as well.  Most of the programs used at school are also available for student use out of school hours.  Even small increments of practice time continued over a period of time will yield positive results.

    I encourage parents and guardians to call me at school with any questions regarding state testing.  The success of all of our students is our ultimate goal and we can achieve that goal through a collaborative home and school relationship.  May the final quarter of this school year bring success of both academic and behavioral goals for your Rowley student(s).    


    Your partner in education,

    Andree Bonnaffons


    C.F. Rowley Alternative School 







Student Expectations

  • Student Expectations

    Students placed at Rowley are expected to show growth both behaviorally and academically in order to return to their district school.  This growth is tracked through the Daily Tracker which is sent home to parents every Friday.   Teachers either email or call parents/guardians on a regular basis to keep them informed of the students’ academic and behavioral progress.  The Daily Tracker and the communication home are two of the main indicators to a parent/guardian that a student is progressing towards exiting or is not progressing successfully to be considered for exiting.


    In addition to the Daily Tracker and communication between home and school, the following is a consolidated list of the requirements that the Administration reviews when considering eligibility for a student’s return to a district school :


    1. Minimum of 14 weeks in attendance at Rowley ( (this time frame may be less if the student is on an IEP or MDR placement ; more if the student is placed at Rowley for an offense that carries a longer stay as mandated by federal law
    2. In good standing regarding attendance (absences and tardies)
    3. In good standing academically (preferably no Fs on report cards in October, January to be eligible for a January exit  or March, May to be eligible for a May exit and an August return)
    4. No suspensions
    5. No Class II referrals that are suspendable
    6. Debts reconciled at Rowley


    Students placed at Rowley are allowed to return to the district school at semester break (January) or at the beginning of the following school year.  Students on an IEP (SPED) or MDR (504) placement will be allowed to return to the district school with an 80% average on the Daily Tracker ; full attainment of the goals set in the IEP or with the Administration ; time met as indicated in the IEP or MDR.


    All questions regarding placement should be addressed to the Principal.




    November 28, 2017/ A. Bonnaffons, Principal

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