Meraux Elementary School


Letter from the Principal

  • Welcome back Meraux Bees!

    Wow, I cannot believe we are beginning our second year at Arlene Meraux Elementary. If you are new to our school family, let me be the first to welcome you! As principal, I am delighted to begin a new school year with you and your children in our new, state of the art campus. Our staff has worked hard to prepare for the opening of our school year. We have scheduled many events for our students and families to share in, and we hope that you will join us in making this a great educational experience for your children. With an experienced, caring faculty and strong parent/teacher communication, this school year promises to be exciting and productive.

    We are committed to providing a structured, positive learning environment for all children, and we ask for your support by following school policies and procedures. We encourage all parents to become active participants in their children’s education. We have observed first-hand the impact of parental involvement on a student’s success. Whether you are available to volunteer at school during the day, attend school functions in the evening, or simply send your child to school each day with homework completed, you DO make a difference!

    Do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, the guidance counselor, or the office if you have questions. We will work closely with you to address any concerns. Together we will work toward educational excellence for Arlene Meraux Elementary School students. We strive to be a dynamic learning institution filled with enthusiastic students who are challenged daily to think and to succeed.

    Thank you for entrusting your children to us. The entire staff will work diligently every day to earn that trust. I look forward to getting to know each of you throughout the school year.


    Natalie C. Albers


School News

  • Instructional Fee

    Just a reminder to send in the $15.00 Instructional Fee per student. Thank you.

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  • Father & Daughter Dance

    Arlene Meraux Elementary was very excited to hold its first "Father & Daughter Dance" on Friday, March 17th! Fathers, Grandfathers, and special friends came to the dance with their child and danced the night away! ​We look forward to continuing this annual dance each year!

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  • Mother & Son Dance

    Arlene Meraux Elementary was very excited to hold its first "Mother & Son Dance" on Friday, March 9th! Moms, Grandmothers, and special friends came to the dance with their child and danced the night away!

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  • February Terrific Kids

    Arlene Meraux Elementary School is proud to announce the Terrific Kids for Demaya Scott, Devin Crovetto, Damia Scott, Jarret Cook, Elijah Beatmann, Brennen Martin, Loghan Peters, Sophia Bush, Savannah Wiltz, Amelia Carrion, Trebor Blackwell, Amyria Stephens, Rehanna Thompson, Josue Cardon Rivas, Payden Zoerner, Fares Kasim, Austin Assavedo, Izaiah Higgins, Angela Ramirez-Arana, Kyle Galiano, Veronica Carrion, Mackenzie Neblett, Cyrenity Evans, John Young, Jace Mahner and Brooklyn Petitfilas.​

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  • 4-H and Beta Club News Release

    The 4-H and Beta Clubs at Arlene Meraux Elementary teamed up to have an animal shelter drive. The students picked the organization they wanted to help, made posters to hang around the school, send notes home, and gathered the donations as they were brought to school. They then organized the donations and got them ready for the shelter.

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  • December Terrific Kids

    Arlene Meraux Elementary School is proud to announce the Terrific Kids for December: Derrick Bingham, Gamal Aljaadi, Shawndrake Nettles, Arthur Amador Nunez, Ellen Rodriguez-Lobos, Desmond Scott, Larney Summerlin, Adian Perez, Chasity Shaw, Briley Horton, Mikey Crovetto, Brandon Houpy, Nathan Thonn, Gavin Dozier, Aaron Funez, Gabriella Tregre, William Lodrigue, Haron Rodriguez, Asia’h Ambrose, Trinity Henry, Arieonna Walker, Brayden Davis, Kamryn Alexander, Adam Vicknair, Victoria Mathieu and Annabell Melerine. ​

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  • Kindergarten Students Engineers for the Day!

    Kindergarten students in Mrs. Arnona's Class have been learning about protection from sunlight and the weather. Students were given several different types of materials to design and build a structure that will reduce the warming effect of sunlight on an area in small groups. Students became engineers for the day and were able to explain the Engineering Design Process as they designed, built and shared their structure.

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  • October Terrific Kids

    Arlene Meraux Elementary School is proud to announce the Terrific Kids for October: Johnathon Brooks, Mia Molinary, Ava Petitfils, Marisa Hufft, Vincent Nguyen, Evelynn Do, Isabella Newton, Seven Parker, Brianne Jackson,Jackson Vega, Vance Hughes , Bryana Ortiz, Alexa Castro, Abdullah Aljaadi, Malia Nettles, Zaylon Kelly, Malaysia Jackson, Courtney Whalen, Han Vu, Kaleb Bailey, Rafael Martinez- Meza, Joemily Torres, Jordan Bankston, Daphne Vargas, and Rayssa Siqueria.​

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  • 4 H Club News

    After learning about poetry in class, 4th grade students then participated in a Poetry Slam. Students performed both original poems and favorite poems for their classmates. Winners from each class were voted on by the students, and these students went on to the Poetry Slam and were judged by School Board member Joe Long and Principal Natalie Albers

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  • Fall Fest was a success!

    Arlene Meraux Elementary School had a sucessful first Fall Fest! Thank you to the many friends and family who supported our school.

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  • Beta Club

    Arlene Meraux Elementary is proud to announce that they initiated 16 fourth and fifth grade students into their newly chartered Beta Club. Beta Club is an invitation only organization open to fourth and fifth grade students that are working above grade level. President Lennon McMichael, Vice-President Karina Quintanilla, and Secretary Layla Webb led the induction. Students are working throughout the year in various service projects throughout the school to uphold the motto of Beta, “Lead By Serving Others.”

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  • Science with Mrs. Labruzzo

    Mrs. Labruzzo and Ms. Roy along, with their 5th grade science students​ were investigating how Earth's 4 systems, the geosphere, hydrosphere, atmosphere, and biosphere, interact with each other.​ The students were making observations, categorizing the observations, and describing how the observations fit into and interact with Earth's different systems.

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  • Wally the Wise Guy

    Wally the Wise Guy met with all students to discuss safety!

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  • First Grade Celebrates Fairy Tale Week

    Mrs. Lacoste and her First Grade students were excited to celebrate Fairy Tale Week.

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