• The Maumus Center

    The Maumus Center was the first high school in St. Bernard Parish and was opened in 1929. Since then, the building has been an elementary school and a cultural arts center. Today, the Maumus Center is a premier facility spotlighting the sciences and our community's rich, diverse history. The center's primary goal is to provide students and the community opportunities for lifelong learning through interactive and multidisciplinary exhibits. The center includes a planetarium, a food science lab, a beautiful theater, and several exhibit rooms. 

    Since its opening, students throughout the St. Bernard Parish School System have had the opportunity to experience the wonder and excitement that the building has to offer. Starting in the summer of 2017, the school district opened its doors to public showings in the planetarium.

    The center and Planetarium are managed by Barry Lemoine and Alisha Capstick, respectively, both longtime educators in the parish. For more information regarding the center, please call 504-301-0239.