NOTICE: The St. Bernard Parish School Board, in accordance with regulations specified by the Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, allows only seven (7) absences per semester at the high school. This is a state policy. The State does not distinguish between excused and unexcused absences; all missed days are counted as an absence. A doctor’s note for an appointment or a one-day illness will be counted as a day absent. Once a high school student reaches the maximum number of absences allowed CREDIT WILL NOT BE GRANTED. Long-term illnesses will receive special consideration through the St. Bernard School Board Office of Child Welfare and Attendance.

    A parent should phone the school (301-2600) between 7:45 and 8:15 A.M. if a student is to be absent. The school nurse should also be notified of any serious or recurring illness that a student has. This information will be made part of the student’s record. Should such illness occur during school, this information will be available to pass on to medical authorities.

    The student is responsible for all class work, homework, assignments or other subject matter presented during his absence. Counselors will assemble school work for students who are too ill to attend school for an extended period of time. Please allow them at least a full day to collect materials from teachers.

    It is the responsibility of parents to see that their child attends school daily. If there is any question concerning absences stated on the report card, the parent should call the school office.

    Authorized holidays can be scheduled by the School Board ONLY. Therefore, holidays for “Senior Day,” “Junior Day,” or “Activity Days,” are not in compliance with School Board regulations as approved holidays.

    The attendance record of a student is important to his academic achievement. In accordance with state regulations high school students must be present a minimum of 83.5 days per semester to receive credit for courses taken. Cases of extended personal illness, emergencies, and/or other extenuating circumstances will be handled on an individual basis through administration in consultation with the Office of Child Welfare and Attendance.

    If a student is absent from two consecutive classes, he shall be considered absent for half a day.

    If a student checks in at fourth period, he shall be considered absent for the full day.


    According to Bulletin 741, Louisiana Handbook for School Administrators the following standards are in effect:

    1. School shall administer attendance regulations in accordance with state and locally adopted
    2. Students shall be expected to be in attendance every student activity day scheduled by the local education governing
    3. In order to be eligible to receive grades, high school students shall be in attendance a minimum of 83.5 days per
    4. The only exception to the attendance regulation shall be extenuating circumstances that are verified by the Supervisor of Child Welfare and Attendance.
    5. Students who are verified as meeting extenuating circumstances and therefore eligible to receive grades shall not receive those grades if they are unable to complete make-up work or pass the

    Students who are under a doctor’s care during a period of an absence should return to school with a note from the doctor indicating the exact dates of the illness. After having shown the note to all the student’s classroom teachers, the student should give the note to the office. It is very important that these notes be submitted to the office within five (5) days. Notes with altered or corrected dates on them will not be accepted.

    A student who is not in homeroom or who does not check-in to school through the office is counted absent from school. If a student is absent from school, he must not be on the campus at any time during his absence or he will be subject to disciplinary action.

    Students should keep a record of their absences, check-ins, and check-outs in their agenda.