• Stay Connected

    The need for clear communication between schools and families has never been more important. That is why the St. Bernard Parish Public School System has invested in multiple communications platforms for the upcoming school year.

    School Websites

    Click here to view our school directory, which includes contact information and a web address for our schools. Every school in our district has its own dedicated website. There you will find school news and information, email addresses for teachers and staff, as well as additional school-specific resources.

    Social Media


    Our Twitter page serves as a vehicle for celebrating our students, teachers, and leaders. Stay up-to-date on all the latest news, employee recognitions, announcements, and classroom highlights.


    Our Facebook page serves as a vehicle for celebrating our students, teachers, and leaders. Stay up-to-date on all the latest news, employee recognitions, announcements, and classroom highlights.


    The Parish Educational Network, our district's TV studio, is a great resource to keep our parents and community members informed. Along with video of important events and school board meetings, PEN-TV also produces two informative shows, Kidnections and Hindsight. Kidnections focuses on important topics to inform parents of the many programs the St. Bernard Public School System has to offer, while Hindsight, highlights recent community and school events.

    SchoolStatus: An Easier Way to Connect with Teachers and Administrators

    Our educators will continue using the SchoolStatus platform to connect with parents. All teachers, counselors, and administrators throughout our district will be reaching out using this communications tool. This replaced individual teachers’ need to create separate RemindApp or ClassDojo accounts. Teachers and administrators now have the opportunity to communicate directly to parents via text, email, or phone call. 

    Here are a few answers to some common questions:

    • If I need to contact a teacher or administrator, what do I do? Parents or guardians can call their student’s school and leave a message with the front office for a teacher or administrator. The teacher or administrator may call or text back from his/her direct line.

    • If I respond to a text, who gets the message? The educator who contacted you! You’re not responding to an entire group. It’s a one-to-one message.

    • If I miss a call, can I call the number back? Yes! You may leave a message for the educator who called or text that same number and know you’ll reach the educator who called you.

    • How does the system know my phone number or email? SchoolStatus will utilize the contact information in the school’s student system. It is critical that your phone number and email address are accurate and up-to-date. Please contact your school secretary if your contact information has changed.

    School and District Websites

    Our school and district websites provide families the most up-to-date information regarding school operations, school and district policies, upcoming events, and announcements. The district website can be located by visiting www.sbpsb.org, and individual schools can be found by clicking the school drop-down menu at the top of the page.

    Teachers will also be posting important information regarding assignments, tests, class resources, and other helpful reminders and announcements to their Teacher Web Pages. Parents or guardians can find their child’s Teacher Web Page by visiting the “Teachers” channel on their student’s school website.

    Distance Learning Platforms

    In the event that a school needs to close for a prolonged period of time, or for those students operating within our hybrid instructional model, St. Bernard Parish Public Schools will be providing direct instruction utilizing the platforms below.


    Clever is an easy way for children to log in and learn with all of the online programs they use at school. With their own personal portals, students can learn with resources selected by their teacher and district.

    All Distance Learning will be taking place in a variety of programs, namely the Learning Management System (LMS), which can be found through the Clever portal.

    Families and students can access the Clever portal by visiting the Clever icon on either the school or district website homepages.

    Students’ usernames and passwords were provided at the beginning of the school year, and trouble logging in should be directed to the student’s teacher.

    Teacher Webpages

    Individual teachers may post information about themselves and their class on their Teacher Webpage, which can be located on each school’s website under the “Teacher” channel.

    Student Progress Center: Quick Access to Student Grades, Attendance, and Schedules

    Regardless of the instructional model, students will be responsible for their attendance and grades throughout the school year.

    Parents may utilize the Student Progress Center by visiting www.sbpsb.org/grades or visiting their school or district websites. The Student Progress Center (SPC) will give parents access to current information regarding their child’s schedule, attendance, classwork, interim progress report, report card grades, test scores, and registration information.