Degrees and Certifications:

Kelsey Billiot

Ms. Billiot teaches 10th grade Geometry. She was born in St. Bernard, and was also a student at Chalmette High School. After graduation, she earned her Bachelor of Science from Loyola University New Orleans. She believes in the well-rounded student, and thus strives to create a varied and balanced classroom environment. Geometry is both a highly visual and linguistic subject necessary for vital real-world applications, thus students will have elements of different subjects integrated into each lesson. Her goal is to remind students of their well-earned knowledge and talents, challenge and grow their potential, and, above all, create a positive and secure learning environment. Ms. Billiot was a member of Academic Games in high school and is embarrassingly knowledgeable on U.S. Presidents. She is also a veteran performer of CHS Voices and The Performing Arts Academy. She has been lucky enough to visit Italy, Ireland, and France. If she’s not up late making lesson plans, she’s up late playing Stardew Valley or Breath of the Wild.