Literacy Logo


  • Vision:

    St. Bernard Parish Schools believe that a student’s success is based on literacy development, which enriches learning in all subject areas, helps create a love of learning, and paves the way for future economic success and a rewarding life. St. Bernard Parish Schools will provide teachers, leaders, and families with the necessary tools and knowledge to grow students as readers, writers, and thinkers to excel in an evolving digital world. 


    The mission of the St. Bernard Parish Public Schools is to provide quality literacy instruction, so our students are productive, successful citizens and life-long readers.

  • Students will read at or above grade level to become effective, life-long readers.

    • Middle and elementary school students who are not proficient on grade level reading assessments will be offered in and/or after school tutoring to preview the high quality curriculum and accelerate upcoming literacy skills based on the Louisiana Student Standards. 
    • Students will be administered a universal literacy screener multiple times per year to monitor their progress and analyze their growth.
    • Families will receive student literacy screening results multiple times per year. Results will be communicated in each family’s native language.
    • Families will partner with teachers to collaborate and develop individualized student intervention pathways to address literacy strengths and weaknesses.
    • Students will be assessed for characteristics of Dyslexia by the end of 3rd grade. Results will be communicated to families if their student is determined to have characteristics of Dyslexia.
    • Grade/Credit recovery and summer learning programs will be available to 1st-12th grade students as opportunities to address unfinished learning.