• CHS Virtual Learning Program

    St. Bernard Parish Public School System is committed to providing a high-quality, rigorous educational experience for all high school students. We know that some families, due to medical conditions, may require an alternate learning option for their child next school year.

    During the upcoming school year, St. Bernard Parish School System will offer a virtual learning option for high school students whose medical condition prevents in-person learning. Acceptance into the virtual learning program is based upon the following conditions:

    1. A valid medical excuse from a doctor.  Your child's physician must complete the St. Bernard Parish Schools Virtual Learning Program Medical Information Form.  


    The following criteria must be met for students to participate and remain in the virtual program:

    1. The student must earn passing grades in all core subjects each semester.
    2. The student cannot be absent more than 7 days per semester.  Students with excessive absences will be reported to law enforcement for truancy.  If a student has excessive absences, the student will be required to return to in-person learning.
    3. The student cannot participate in extra-curricular activities or dual enrollment courses. 


    Attendance: Students will complete all coursework through the third-party provider, EdgenuityAttendance will be taken daily. Students are expected to complete all assignments that are assigned for each day. Each day attendance will be recorded based on the student's progress from the day before. While students do not need to be logged in at certain times, students are expected to complete all work assigned and meet their target completion for the day. Truancy will be turned into the Office of Child Welfare and Attendance if students have 5 or more absences. 

    Testing: Some students are enrolled into LEAP2025 courses: Algebra I, Geometry, English I, English II, Biology, and US History. These students must come into the building in December to take that LEAP2025 exam. These exams are graduation requirements and they also count as 20% of the student’s final grade in that class.

    At the end of the semester, your students' final Edgenuity grade in each course will be added to their CHS transcript. 

    *For any issues, email: kwatson@sbpsb.org

    District Grading Scale:

    93-100 A          85-92 B          75-84 C          67-74 D          0-66 F