• St. Bernard Parish Public School District


    In accordance with the St. Bernard Parish Public School District’s Guide to Student Conduct, Trist Middle School students are expected to follow the dress code guidelines as outlined below: 

    • Shirt - Students must wear white or black collared shirts. School color collared shirts must have been approved by the school and have a school-designated logo. Students may wear official school spirit shirts on Fridays or designated days. 
    • Pants/Shorts/Skirts - Students must wear navy blue or khaki pants or skirts.
    • Shoes- Shoes shall be slide-resistant. Closed toed tennis, casual, or dress shoes of any color are considered uniform appropriate. 
    • ID Cards - Middle and high school students must wear appropriately, as designed.

    Good to Go

    Not Allowed




    • Dress, uniform type, navy or khaki color.
    • Must be appropriate size for the student - properly fitting at the waist and neither too tight nor too baggy
    • Pants must be hemmed (shoe-top length) with no split seams or frayed edges
    • If pants have belt loops, a belt must be worn
    • Skirts must touch the top of the knee
    • No denim
    • No bell-bottom, cargo, corduroy, leggings, joggers or jean type pants


    • White collared shirt
    • Black collared shirt with school logo - must have been approved by the school
    • Shirts must be tucked in
    • Shirt collars must be visible when wearing a sweater or sweatshirt
    • Only white, black, or PE undershirts may be worn beneath uniform shirts


    • School sanctioned uniform sweaters, sweatshirts, and jackets may be worn in school at any time (black, navy blue or white v-neck, vest, crew or cardigan styles)
    • Jackets must be black, white, or navy blue, and authorized by principal/designee 
    • No hoods are allowed on students’ heads while on school grounds and/or on school buses.
    • Non-uniform jackets are not to be worn in the building


    • Belts are required for any pants that have belt loops
    • Only solid-colored belts are acceptable (black, white, navy, khaki, or brown)
    • Belt buckles may only be slightly larger than the width of the belt.
    • Metal stud eyelets, etc. and/or designs are not allowed on any belt.
    • Oversized or large belt buckles are not allowed.


    • Must be worn
    • Socks, stockings, knee-highs, and tights must be a solid color (white, neutral, black, navy or brown)


    • Closed-toed tennis, casual, or dress shoes of any color
    • Sandals, backless shoes, platform shoes, slippers/house shoes, Heelys, light up shoes, crocs, and boots (above ankles)


    • Moderate hair styles 
    • Boys’ hair that extends below the shirt collar must be pulled back so as to not extend below the shirt collar.
    • No shaved or design cut into eyebrows or cut/braided into hair
    • No unnatural hair coloring 
    • No extreme hair styles
    • No hair styles that cover one or both eyes


    • Earrings that are moderate in length (studs, small hoops, and short dangling earrings) are permitted for girls. 
    • One stud per ear is permitted for boys
    • No hats, caps, bandanas, visors, hair curlers, gloves, and sunglasses (unless prescribed by a physician)
    • Aside from earrings in the earlobe, body piercings are not allowed.
    • No excessively large earrings that may place a student in danger of injury are allowed (hoops and/or those that hang very long)
    • No tattoos 


    • Clean, neat, free from holes, tears and stains.
    • School official monogramming, emblems, or insignia may be worn
    • No extreme and distracting make-up
    • No graffiti, writing or symbols perceived as vulgar, profane, satanic, gang-related, violent, tobacco, drug or alcohol-related are not to be worn on any accessories, jackets, book bags, book covers, or any other item brought to school.

    In all circumstances, the principal will make the final decision as to whether a student’s dress or appearance is acceptable. It is important to remember that a modest appearance is the determining factor of appropriateness of middle school dress. Please refer to the St. Bernard Parish Public Schools’ “Guide to Student Conduct” for specific uniform requirements.

    • GUM, CANDY, SNACKS, AND DRINKS – Eating snacks or candy is permitted only during lunch in the courtyard. Eating snacks or candy in the school building without permission is a disciplinary infraction. GUM is not permitted anywhere on the school premises and is considered a disciplinary infraction. Careless disposal of gum is unsightly and unsanitary.