December 8, 2020 UPDATE

    Hybrid Students

    • Beginning January 4 through May 24, the school day will be extended by 14 minutes. The CHS school day will be 7:30am – 2:44pm.
    • The fall semester has been extended to January 15.
    • Students will remain on a hybrid schedule until the first day of the spring semester, January 19.
    • There will be no Zoom days in January. Group B will report on campus on January 8 and Group A will report on campus on January 15.
    • Exams for hybrid students will be taken January 12-15.

             Tuesday, January 12—Group B—2nd and 4th period exams

             Wednesday, January 13—Group A—2nd and 4th period exams

             Thursday, January 14—Group B—1st and 3rd period exams

             Friday, January 15—Group A—1st and 3rd period exams


    • LEAP Exams for Hybrid Students:

             Wednesday, January 6—Group A—English I and Biology

             Thursday, January 7—Group B—English I and Biology

             Friday, January 8—Group B—Algebra I and US History

             Monday, January 11—Group A—Algebra I and US History


    Virtual Students

    • The last day to complete virtual coursework for the fall semester is January 12.
    • LEAP Exams for Virtual Students:

             Thursday, January 7—Virtual—English I

             Monday, January 11—Virtual—Algebra I

             Tuesday, January 12—Virtual—Biology

             Wednesday, January 13—Virtual—US History


    Virtual Students Switching to Traditional 5-Day In-Person Learning for the Spring Semester

    Current virtual students who have chosen to switch to the traditional 5-day in-person learning program will report to Chalmette High School in full uniform on January 19, 2021, to begin the new semester. All students must wear a face mask.

    Hybrid Students Switching to the Virtual At-Home Setting for the Spring Semester

    Students who are currently following the hybrid schedule but have chosen to switch to the virtual learning program must continue to attend classes on campus at CHS through January 15, 2021. On January 19, these students will begin their virtual at-home classes through Edgenuity.




    JULY 22, 2020 UPDATE

    As the 2020-2021 school year begins, CHS families will have the option of hybrid learning or virtual learning. All CHS students will be enrolled in the hybrid learning option unless a virtual learning option application is completed by a parent/guardian. To assist you in making the best decision for your family, you will find frequently asked questions and answers related to the two options. If you choose to enroll your CHS student in the virtual learning option, click here and complete the application by July 27, 2020, at 4:00pm.

    CHS Hybrid Learning Option Questions & Answers for Parents/Guardians

    Chalmette High School will begin the fall semester with a hybrid learning approach. Students will attend classes and complete assignments both in person and at home. All assignments are mandatory.

    Q1. What is the hybrid learning option?

    A. The hybrid learning option will consist of both in-person and distance learning. Because of our large student population, we will group students into Groups A and B. Students will report to the school building two days per week. Students will be responsible for completing distance learning assignments and/or Zooming in with teachers on the days they are not in the physical building.

    Q2. How will the Groups A and B be determined? Which days will these groups report to the physical campus?

    A. Students with a last name beginning with the letters A-K will report to the building for the entire school day primarily on Mondays and Wednesdays. Students with a last name beginning with the letters L-Z will report to the building for the entire school day primarily on Tuesdays and Thursdays. This may be altered during weeks with a student holiday. A calendar will be distributed in the future on which days to report for the entire first semester.

    Administrators will address concerns regarding siblings with different last names, and the days they report to the physical building, on an individual basis. Please call the Academy or Main Campus office and provide student information, and an administrator will review and return your call.

    Academy (504)272-0300     Main Campus (504)301-2600

    Q3. What is the difference between distance learning and virtual learning?

    A. The hybrid learning option will include both in person learning and distance learning with a teacher on our CHS staff. Distance learning will take place three of the five days via online assignments and Zoom sessions.

    The students enrolled in the virtual learning option will receive instruction through a third-party provider and complete all assignments from home.

    Q4. My child does not have access to a computer at home. How will he/she complete the distance learning assignments?

    A. All CHS students will receive a chromebook to use for the semester. Students should charge the chromebook and bring it back and forth to school each day. If internet access is needed, families should contact the school.

    Q5. How does my child access his distance learning assignments? Are the Zoom sessions mandatory even if all distance learning assignments have been completed? 

    Clever – Click “Clever” on the main page of the CHS website, sbpsb.org. You will see links to all four teachers’ pages. Click the link of the teacher’s page to access Zoom sessions and the LMS (Learning Management System). All assignments should be posted in the teacher’s LMS page.

    Yes, all distance learning assignments are mandatory. Students must fulfill all coursework both in the classroom and through distance learning to earn credit for the course.

    Q6. Will bus transportation be available for my child?

    A. Yes, bus transportation will be available for all students who participate in hybrid learning.

    Q7. What safety precautions will be taken during the school day?

    • Students should not report to school if they have a fever, cough, sore throat, shortness of breath, or have had close contact with someone with COVID-19.
    • Students will have their temperature checked daily and undergo a brief COVID screening. If necessary, additional screenings will be conducted by our school-based health center staff.
    • All students will be required to wear masks while on the buses and on campus.
    • Students must sanitize hands upon entering and exiting all classes and before each meal.
    • High-touch surfaces will be cleaned between each class period and around the school building throughout the day.
    • Water fountains will be turned off and students will be encouraged to bring their own water bottle to school.

    Q8. What precautions are being implemented to maintain social distancing during the school day?

    • Students have been divided into two groups to reduce the number of students on campus at a given time.
    • In addition, there will be multiple lunch periods. In an effort to maintain social distancing, the CHS cafeterias’ dining rooms will not be available to students at this time. Meals will be a grab-and-go style breakfast and lunch to be eaten in the designated areas on each campus.
    • New hallway and stairwell procedures will be in place to maintain social distancing.
    • Students will be assigned seats in class and on buses.
    • In accordance with Phase 2 guidelines, lockers and locker rooms will be off limits to students at this time.

    Q9. Will breakfast and lunch be provided every day for my child?

    A. Chalmette High School will now participate in the Community Eligibility Provision (CEP) program this school year. This provides the opportunity for one free breakfast and one free lunch each school day to all CHS students.

    On the days that your child reports to the building for classes, he/she will receive breakfast and lunch. On the days that your child is distance learning, you may pick up breakfast and lunch at a designated time and location, provided you bring in the child’s Student ID.

    Q10. What if a student in my child’s class tests positive for COVID-19? Will my child be sent home to quarantine? Will my child be required to be tested for COVID-19 before returning?

    A. According to the guidance from the state, in accordance with medical professionals, only students who have come in close contact with the student will have to either quarantine for 14 days or report back to school with a negative COVID-19 test. The Louisiana Department of Health defines close contact as less than 6 feet of distance between yourself and another person for a minimum of 15 minutes. In the event of a cluster of positive COVID-19 tests, an entire class or school may have to be closed for a certain time period for cleaning.

    CHS Virtual Learning Option Questions & Answers for Parents/Guardians

    Chalmette High School families will have the option for their student to participate in virtual learning for the 2020-2021 school year. Students enrolled in virtual learning will not attend classes on the CHS campus, but instead log into the virtual learning platform from home.

    Q1. My child does not have access to a computer and/or internet access at home. How will my child complete  the virtual learning assignments?

    A. A chromebook will be available to use during virtual learning if needed. If internet access is needed, families should contact the school. 

    Q2. If I enroll my child in virtual learning, will my child still be responsible for taking the LEAP 2025 exams or the statewide ACT test?

    A. Yes, at this time the state has not waived LEAP 2025 testing for the 2020-2021 school year. Any virtual student enrolled in Algebra I, Geometry, English I, English II, Biology, or US History must take the LEAP 2025 exam in that subject to earn credit for the course as required by the Louisiana Department of Education.

    All seniors will take the statewide ACT during the school day on October 6. All juniors will take the statewide ACT exam on March 9. Virtual students must also take these tests.

    The school will reach out to all virtual students with information on when and where they will test.

    Q3. How will I know which courses to enroll my child in the virtual learning option?

    A. A counselor or administrator will determine the courses the student enrolls in virtually to ensure the student is on track to meet graduation requirements. Not all courses offered to our students on campus will be available to take through the virtual learning option. This may include electives and dual enrollment courses.

    Q4. What curriculum will the virtual learning option use? Who will be providing the instruction?

    A. Students enrolled in the virtual learning option will be provided instruction through a third-party provider. Although both hybrid learning and virtual learning courses will cover the same state standards, the curriculum used will be different. Students will log into an online software that will include digital lessons and assessments.

    Q5. How will my child receive grades for the virtual courses?  

    A. In a semester, students typically earn two nine-weeks grades that each account for 40% of the final grade, along with a final exam that accounts for 20% of the final grade. The grading system will be different for virtual students. Students will instead receive only a final grade in each course as calculated by the online program through the lessons, quizzes, and tests they take online.

    Q6. What will my role as a parent be in my child’s virtual learning experience?

    A. Instruction will be provided by the third-party provider. The school will be in contact with the parent to monitor the child’s progress towards completion. It is the responsibility of the parent to ensure the student remains on pace to successfully complete course work by the end of the semester.

    Q7. What is my commitment to the virtual learning option?

    A. The district is asking for a semester long commitment to the virtual option at the high school level. If a student enrolls in the hybrid learning option and wants to switch to virtual learning, this may be an option if chosen early enough in the semester.

    Q8. My child was set to take an Advanced Placement (AP) course for the 2020-2021 school year. Will this be available through the virtual learning option? What about dual enrollment?

    A. Advanced Placement courses are all scheduled to take in the spring semester since the national AP tests are given in May each year. These courses will be options for both hybrid learning and virtual learning and students will be able to take the AP exams to earn college credit.

    Most of the dual enrollment opportunities for CHS students require on-campus learning at Nunez Community College. Therefore, these courses may not be available for students in the virtual learning option.

    Q9. My child is on the Jump Start Diploma track and will need to earn credentials to graduate. Will my child be able to take the necessary credentials through virtual learning?

    A. The virtual learning platform does not offer all of the credentials our students need to pass to meet graduation requirements. Our Jump Start students may need to log into other online learning platforms for instruction that will prepare them to pass the credentials needed to graduate. Students may need to come into the school building to take these credentialing exams. Our counselors will work with families to determine each student’s individual needs.

    Q10. My child has an IEP (Individual Education Plan) and receives support services. How will this be provided to my child through the virtual learning option?

    A. Our special education department will work with students and families to ensure all IEP accommodations and services are addressed to the best of our ability. Some services will be provided through a digital platform.

    Q11. Will a breakfast and lunch still be available for my child who is enrolled in virtual learning?

    A. Yes, students enrolled in virtual learning will qualify for a daily breakfast and lunch. A parent/guardian may pick up these meals at a designated time and location, provided you bring in the child’s Student ID.

    Q12. Will virtual students be allowed to participate in extra-curricular activities?

    A. While we are in Phase 2, there will be no extra-curricular activities or large gatherings, with the only exception being those activities that are sanctioned by the Louisiana High School Athletic Association.

    Upon Phase 3, extra-curricular activities may open and virtual students may be allowed to participate. Virtual students may not come on campus during the school day, but may participate in extra-curricular activities after the school hours.

    Q13. If I choose the virtual learning option for my senior, will he be able to participate in Ring Day, prom, and/or graduation?

    A. In the event that these activities are allowed to happen, given the phase we are in, seniors enrolled in the virtual learning option will be allowed to participate.

    Q14. My senior needs only four classes to meet graduation requirements. Can he take these four classes through virtual learning and graduate after the fall semester?

    A. Yes, it has always been an option for seniors to graduate after the fall semester. This will still be an option for students enrolled in the virtual learning option. Each year, we require the guardian of the senior to complete a form that outlines the details of being a January graduate. January graduates are still allowed to participate in prom and the May graduation ceremony.