• Important Updates


    All students returning to the Traditional School Setting at Arabi Elementary start Tuesday, October 13th.


    Don't forget.....


    • Wear your mask (3rd-5th required/PK,K,1st and 2nd highly recommended)


    • Bring your own water bottle. This can be a plastic bottle purchased or a water container that is refilled each night at home. Be sure to mark it clearly with your child's name. A regular 16 oz bottle or container should be plenty.


    • Be sure your child's homeroom teacher has the most up to date contact information including an e-mail address. Our new School Status communication system seems to be working great, however, we do have some issues with phone numbers that were not updated since last year.


    • Continue to bring in any school supplies your weren't able to send on your child's assigned orientation day last week.


    As new information becomes available, we will be posting on our website and official Arabi Elementary Facebook Page


    We look forward to a strong start of our 2020 school year!


    For the most up to date information go

    to www.sbpsb.org/strongstart2020AES