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    Please find district remote learning resources and activities on the Chalmette High School homepage under "Updates". 

    To access Teacher Office Hours or Google Classroom please login through your CLEVER account by clicking here.


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    Please leave a comment with your name and I will respond as soon as possible.

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    The primary question/comment/concern I've received is: Is this optional?

    No, these assignments are no longer optional. Yes, we are returning to learning and working. As of April 13th, the school board is making assignments mandatory. Robocalls have gone out, and all teachers should be calling parents of their homeroom students to emphasize this new shift. Each teacher will be posting assignments on Google Classroom, IXL, and Zoom.

    Students will need access to a computer or laptop to use Google Classroom. All other assignments like IXL, Zinc, and Zoom can be accessed on a mobile device. If a student does not have access to a computer or laptop, parents will need to contact the teacher or administrator to make accommodations. 

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  • Dear Students,

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    I will no longer be using (Google Classroom, Facebook, Remind App, Class Dojo, etc.) for communication. For simplicity, all questions you have for me should be directed to my email hperkins@sbpsb.org. To learn more about our district’s learning activities, please visit our school website. I have not yet, but I intend to update my teacher page shortly.

    I will, however, still be using Google Classroom for assignments. As of now, learning is optional for all students. I would love to receive journals/essays/assignments through email, grade them, and provide feedback so that you still receive some form of learning during this time. However, I understand many students will be unable to complete this task entirely.

    I would like students to continue submitting assignments through email or Google Classroom for feedback in some timely manner. In addition I’m recommending that ALL students read some novel at appropriate grade level, print or online, and continue to WRITE. Many students will have books at home to read, and Lexile levels should continue to rise, but writing about literature is not something students typically do on their own. It can be something as simple as an opinionated reflection journal or double entry journal— to a full essay analyzing a novel.

    While you are not at all required to worry about your grade or status as a student, as the Governor intends to address many of students' concerns, I don't want your wonderful minds to become mush over this extended summer break!

    Do great things always,

    Ms. Perkins


    P.S. Please leave a comment here. Chances are if you have a question, comment, or concern, someone else may have the same!

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Ms. Hannah Perkins

Phone: 504-301-2600


Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Hannah Perkins

Born and raised in St. Bernard Parish, Ms. Perkins is a Chalmette High Alumna and Owl at heart. Ms. Perkins is a graduate of University of New Orleans with a Certificate in Teaching from Southeastern Louisiana University. During the expanse of her career, she has worked with students of all ages, ranging from 3-year-old Pre-K to collegiate level students. As an educator, she is most passionate about the relationships and culture she builds with her students. Ms. Perkins hopes to spread wisdom of the English language through creative writing and literary analysis.

Teaching has been a passion of Ms. Perkins as early as the fourth grade; as a little girl she would play school with her siblings at home. One of her hobbies includes lesson planning which aligns quite well with her passion for teaching. She enjoys spending time cooking and watching movies with family and friends, and other hobbies include taking dance classes and writing poetry. Most importantly, while Ms. Perkins believes firmly in a healthy and happy lifestyle, she enjoys indulging in a trip to Cici’s Pizza every once in a while. 

“When educating the minds of our youth, we must not forget to educate their hearts.” – Dalai Lama

  • St. Bernard Parish Public Schools

    English Remote Learning Opportunities

    March 19-29, 2020


    Directions: St. Bernard Parish Public Schools will continue to engage our students in the learning process remotely.  Please check this site periodically for updates and more information on at-home activities.

    • If you are not currently enrolled in one of the following English courses,  please begin working on the material for the last completed course in the list below that you took.
    • Ex: Current English class is English I - practice English I lessons below
    • Ex: Last English class after English II was Business English but last Business English is not on the list - practice English II lessons below


    • IXL is the platform you will use to access these lessons.  Please use the information below to access IXL.
    • Each student will have to log into IXL through Clever by clicking here.
    • Your username is your 9-digit student number.
    • Your password is your birth date.  Ex: mmddyyyy

    English I

    • SUGGESTED IXL Lessons under 9th grade tab
      • CC.1-2, HH.5, II.2, JJ.1, BB.1
      • B.1-4, C.1-4, D.1-3, E.1-6

    English II

    • SUGGESTED IXL Lessons under the 10th grade tab
    • B.1-4, C.1-4, D.1-2, E.1-6, H.1-6

    English III, English IV, English V

    • SUGGESTED IXL Lessons under the 11th grade tab
    • U.2, V.1-2, CC.1-5, DD.1-4

    SUGGESTED Paper Based ACT Prep can be picked up at any one of the Food Distribution Centers:

    • Cracking the ACT Practice Book (ACT scores reflect college and career readiness)

    Content includes 6 full-length practice tests with complete answer explanations, drills and questions for every section of the ACT.

        • Part I: Orientation - pages 1-27
        • Part II: How to Crack the ACT English Test - pages 31-79
        • Part III: How to Crack the ACT Mathematics Test - pages 91-221
        • Part IV: How to Crack the ACT Reading Test - pages 233-279
        • Part V: How to Crack the ACT Science Test - pages 303-349
        • Part VIII-XI: ACT Practice Exams
      • Weekly, each student can complete a Practice Exam to monitor his/her progress and improve ACT score.  See pages 518-519 to help you calculate your score.
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