• Welcome to the Arlene Meraux Elementary Pep Squad Page!!

    "The Honeybees"

    We are proud and excited to announce the Arlene Meraux Elementary's Honeybees Pep Squad! As members of the pep squad, Honeybees display pride in their school, leadership and positive behavior... all while having FUN! We perform at pep rallies, Veterans parade, Christmas at the complex, Los Islanos Museum,  Nemesis Parade, competitions and more.  We look forward to having a great year!



    Amberlyn Mayfield, 3rd Grade Teacher, acutris@sbpsb.org

    Jordan Breland, SPED Teacher, jbreland@sbpsb.org 

    Mallory Scott, Kindergarten Teacher, mscott@sbpsb.org

    Hannah Michalik, 3rd Grade Teacher, hmichalik@sbpsb.org

    Jordyn Hollingsworth, 1st Grade Teacher, jhollingsworth@sbpsb.org

2022-2023 Cheerleaders