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Coach Ramirez

Coach Ramirez has been playing soccer since her 8th grade year at Chalmette High School in 2007 all the way until she graduated in 2012. The main position she plays is a defender. She was captain of the Chalmette High School soccer team in 2011. From 2014-2016 she played as a defender for the Jambalaya News Women's soccer team in Kenner. Following this she took a break and began playing soccer again in 2019 for the Crescent City Soccer League in New Orleans. She joined a co-ed soccer team as a defender and they have won 3 championships during that duration. In addition, she also created her own co-ed soccer team in the Crescent City Soccer League, that has won numerous championships since 2019. Soccer is a big part of her family's life, as every Sunday she plays in soccer games alongside her husband, brother-in-law, and little brother. It has been a basis for their family bonding since 2019, her children even come to cheer them on every Sunday.