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Degrees and Certifications:

BS's: Chemistry & Chemical Education Masters: Biological Chemistry PhD: C & I Chemical & Biological Sciences PhD: Biochemistry Med Brd Cert: Bio-Assay Toxicology Forensic Chemistry: court qual State/ Federal BS's: Chemistry & Chemical Education Masters: Chemical/Biological Sciences PhD: C & I Chemical/ Biological Sciences PhD: Biochemistry LA Med Brd Cert Bio-assay/Tox Forensic Chemist (ct qualified: State/Federal)

Dr. Ed Wilson

       Dr. Ed Wilson has  over 30 years of teaching experience in the secondary, military, and higher education environments.  His last position was at the New Orleans Military & Maritime Academy as an instructor in chemistry,  forensic science, and as Science Department Chair. Previously he  was employed by the Recovery School District of  Louisiana's Department of Education.  Aside from those educational positions, Wilson served as the Chemical Terrorism Laboratory Coordinator for the Louisiana Office of Public Health under the Dept of Homeland Security/Office of Domestic Preparedness,  where he held the responsibility for the development and coordination of a laboratory response to a chemical terrorism incident, as well as the instruction, training, and oversight of  their technical staff.

       To summarize the philosophy of Dr. Wilson on the education of his students, it has always been, and continues to be, "if the student fails to learn, then the teacher has failed to teach".  A tangible and direct result of this outlook assisted him in being recognized with the George Drake Award from the American Chemical Society as Louisiana’s outstanding (secondary) chemistry teacher as well as being repeatedly honored by Louisiana parishes as one of their top teachers.   In 1996, he accepted full time employment at Loyola University as a faculty member for the chemistry department, and eventually he assumed the Director of  Laboratories position. In the fall of 1999,  Wilson developed that university's forensic chemistry major, and subsequently became the Forensics Program Coordinator.

      Once the forensic chemistry program was solidly operational, Wilson accepted  the previously mentioned position as  Region I Chemical Terrorism Laboratory Coordinator for the Centers for Disease Control /Office of Domestic Preparedness, in an effort to utilize his experience in the military, government, and most importantly, education, to rapidly implement a protective response plan. It was also during this time that Wilson was again deployed (third time) to both Iraq and Afghanistan.  Upon his return to the States he made the decision to stay solely in the education environment. Subsequently, he was recruited and took a job offering with the newly formed Recovery School District under the Louisiana Dept of Education which eventually led to the position at the New Orleans Military and Maritime Academy where he contributed to their achieving an “A School” rating from the Louisiana Department of Education as well as the “Naval School of Excellence” rating from the Department of the Navy. Upon his decision to resign from the Academy, Dr. Wilson accepted the job offer from Chalmette High School.