• Welcome to WJDE program, a live news show broadcast in the library by a student news crew. Daily news is an important part of our school’s morning routine and provides us with a sense of connection. WJDE broadcasts important information and reminders to students and teachers including upcoming events, birthdays, the lunch menu, math problems of the day, “freaky” fun facts, positive behavior weekly topics, and more.

    The WJDE broadcast also includes a daily schoolwide recital of the Pledge of Allegiance and our school mission statement. Throughout the year, students from each class take turns participating in the live news by leading the entire school in these recitals.

    Our student news crew has quite a responsibility in order to ensure a successful broadcast. They write, produce, and host all aspects of the program; it is a wonderful way for them to learn cooperation and teamwork.

    Our WJDE program is one of the many characteristics that make Joseph Davies School unique and wonderful.

    For any questions email Kelli Roger (Kelli.Roger@sbpsb.org)