• Drumline is an audition-based group. Due to limited number of drums donated to the school by friends of the school and also the majority that were purchased privately, the drumline is capped at 25 children. Students who did not make it into drumline are welcome to practice at home to build up their skills for the next opportunity to audition. Anyone bragging, causing trouble around the school (to be determined by Ms. Russo, Ms. Carollo, and Ms. Stevens), or whose grade drops below an A or B in music will be dismissed from the group and their spot given to someone else.  Preference is given to 5th graders, but 4th and 5th boys and girls may audition. The $1 fee to apply goes towards the music program and later, $23 buys a pair of professional drumsticks and practice pad. 

     Drumline meets every Friday from 3-4:30.



    Sarah Stevens