Hello! Welcome to the Davies' Art Club page!


    Open to 4th and 5th graders, Art Club is a great opportunity for those students who love more advanced creative challenges.

    Art club members will meet after school on certain Mondays, working on projects in the Art room with Mrs. Felt. Some projects will be tailored to challenge students in a more rigorous setting than what typically happens in art class during the school day, and some projects will be to benefit and assist various happenings around Davies and St. Bernard Parish. Fall Fest, the Scholastic book fair, the annual Pelican Players production, and the Docville Christmas event are just a few of the events that Art club helps with. Art club members will also be able to participate in a variety of drawing contests throughout the school year, and the club usually closes out the year with a pizza party in the Art room and an optional field trip.

    Specific information about rules, regulations, expectations, and calendars will be released each year and made available online. 


    -Mrs. Felt Sara.felt@sbpsb.org