•  What is Academic Games?

    Academic Games is a series of four local competitions that students will attend during the school day.  Winners receive awards at each competition.   In March, five students from each division will represent St. Bernard at the National Competition in Orlando, Florida as members of our national team!


    When are practices?

    Practices will be held on  TUESDAY afternoons from 3:30-4:45  at Davies Elementary. On Wednesdays, the students will wait for their ride home outside of the cafeteria area. We will be outside at 5:00. Please pick your child up promptly at this time.


    How can I learn more about Academic Games?

    You can learn more at the official Academic Games website at http://agloa.org/ or attend practices.  Many parents find it useful to learn the games along with their child.  Propaganda and Presidents games can now be played online. 


    What will my child learn?

    Students learn advanced math skills, American History, Math Set Theory, and Propaganda techniques.


    What does my child need to begin?

    Please send your child with a binder, binder dividers, a pen, and a pencil to every practice.  Place some loose leaf paper in their binder also. We will add materials to the binder all year.  Keep all papers in the binder.  These materials will be needed for students that attend nationals and can be kept to study for competitions for years in the future. 


    How can I help my child become a better player?

    Students can practice Propaganda and Presidents online at   http://agloa.org/     Your player can begin to read biographies of American Presidents to prepare for the Presidents competition. We will only study Presidents # 25-44 this school year. The four point clue focus in campaign slogans.  You can purchase any books on the Presidents or events in American history.  Many students find it helpful to watch documentaries on television.   Attendance is crucial to improving student’s skills at competitions.  Some parents buy flashcards to help their child study when preparing for competitions.


    If you have any questions or concerns, please contact

    Mrs. Frazier (lauren.frazier@sbpsb.org)

    Mrs. Mcmullin (Meghan.mcmullin@sbpsb.org)