Dress Code Information 2016-2017


    We hope that you are having a wonderful summer. 

    Please keep the following information in mind as you shop for school clothes this summer.

    St. Bernard Parish Public Schools has an official St. Bernard Parish Public Schools Guide to Student Conduct.  This booklet explains our discipline philosophy and provides students and parents much needed and useful information.  The booklet will be sent home with students on the first day of school.

    One section of the booklet details the dress code policy and the reasons and rationale for the need for such policies.  Attached is a copy of the high school dress code policy reprinted from the Guide to Student ConductPlease read it for detailed information.  Of special note is the information about hair color and accessories.

    In the meantime, as you and your student prepare for the start of school on Tuesday, August 9, 2016, please be aware of the following basic dress code guidelines

    Each morning we remind the students to be in complete dress code.

    • Pants- Dickies brand (specific style numbers are on the attached information sheet)
      • Khaki colored
      • Navy
    • Skirts- Khaki or navy- length must be to the knee
    • Shirts
      • White oxford
      • White or maroon collared polo/golf
    • Shoe - Close-toed tennis, or dress shoes of any color
    • Jackets and Sweatshirts
      • Solid maroon, white, or navy or
      • Maroon or white with approved CHS logo

    Please use these guidelines when shopping for school clothes.

    Call the school should you have any questions.