• 2018 - 2019 Bell Schedule

    St. Bernard Middle School’s administration, faculty, and staff work to realize our school’s vision and mission.  Through a varied schedule that includes a homeroom, seven fundamental classes, and a weekly Extended Homeroom class, students are given many opportunities to work with their teacher advisor (homeroom teacher(s)) in an effort to succeed academically, emotionally, and socially.  Generally, students will be on an Extended Homeroom schedule every Wednesday.  Please check the weekly news for updates and changes.       


    Regular Bell Schedule

    8:00-8:24         Homeroom

    8:26-9:16         First Period

    9:18-10:08       Second Period

    10:10-11:00     Third Period

    11:02-11:52     Fourth Period

    11:52-12:22     Lunch

    12:25-1:15       Fifth Period

    1:17-2:07         Sixth Period

    2:09-3:00         Seventh Period


    Extended Homeroom Bell Schedule

    8:00-9:00       Homeroom/AM Activity

    9:02-9:47       First Period

    9:49-10:34    Second Period

    10:36- 11:20  Third Period

    11:22-12:06   Fourth Period

    12:06-12:36   Lunch

    12:39-1:24     Fifth Period

    1:26-2:11       Sixth Period

    2:13-3:00       Seventh Period


    PM Activity Bell Schedule

    8:00-8:24        Homeroom

    8:26-9:10        First Period

    9:12-9:55        Second Period

    9:57-10:40      Third Period

    10:42-11:26    Fourth Period

    11:28-12:11    Fifth Period

    12:11-12:41    Lunch

    12:44-1:27      Sixth Period

    1:29-2:12        Seventh Period

    2:12-3:00        PM Activity