Students must pass all necessary components of the End of Course/LEAP 2025 Tests, earn the minimum units of required credits, obtain the necessary credentials required for high school graduation, and meet FAFSA REQUIREMENTS.  Students must pass all necessary components of end of school/leap 2025 of these required tests to meet high school graduation requirements. Tests are administered during the state testing window for the following courses: Algebra I, Geometry, English I, English II, English III, Biology, and U.S. History.

    A student becomes eligible to graduate at the end of the semester in which he completes his program. Each student shall be advised and counseled concerning the requirements for graduation. The responsibility for scheduling the necessary courses is that of the student and his parents.

    Course Requirements by Diploma Type

     Jump Start Course and Credential Requirements


    Participation in commencement exercises is a privilege granted to a student provided he successfully completes requirements for graduation as outlined by the State Department of Education, meets attendance requirements, and conforms to school policies and behavior regulations.

    A student who completes graduation requirements at the end of the summer semester may be allowed to participate in commencement exercises the following school year.



    The following are awarded to graduates and are worn at graduation:

    • GOLD CORD: Students who graduate with a 3.3 or higher GPA and composite score of 20 or higher on ACT, regardless of courses completed
    • GOLD CORD AND GOLD STOLE (TOP 5 IN CLASS): Students who earn a 3.3 or higher GPA during the regular school year and have one of the top 5 GPA’s in the class, (GPA does not include summer school, correspondence course(s) or Driver Education)

    No other cords or stoles may be worn at the ceremony.



    Graduation is tentatively scheduled for Tuesday, May 14, 2022.

    In order to participate in the graduation ceremonies, candidates for graduation must attend rehearsals. There are no exceptions. Candidates must stay for the entire rehearsal.

    If a prospective graduate is working and needs a letter to an employer asking to be excused from the job for the rehearsal, call Ms. Cooper (301-2600) by May 1 and give her the name and address of the employer.



    Students graduating “with honors” will be determined by computing the overall grade point average for each semester course in which the student received a grade during the student’s secondary course studies. The total courses in which a student received a grade will be divided into the total number of quality points which will represent the grade point average.  Additional quality points will be granted only for those Advanced Placement courses in the course offerings of St. Bernard Parish Schools. The final date for computing grade point average for students graduating “with honors” will be the last senior exam day.

    In order to graduate “with honors”, a student must have at least a 3.3 GPA and achieve a composite score on the ACT of 20 or higher. Such students wear one gold cord and are recognized as graduating “with honors” at the graduation ceremony.



    In order to graduate as one of the “Top 5” in the class, the following requirements must be met:

    • fulfill all graduation requirements while graduating “with honors”
    • schedule 8 courses in each of the FOUR years of high school
    • schedule an advanced English and math course their senior year
    • attend Chalmette High School for two years

    The top 5 graduates are announced at the Honors Banquet each spring, and they are featured as stage guests at graduation. The “Top 5” includes: Valedictorian, Salutatorian, 3rd, 4th, and 5th Honor Graduates. These graduates will be “Honor Graduates. The student(s) obtaining the highest grade point average will be designated “Valedictorian(s).” The student(s) obtaining the second highest grade point average will be recognized as the “Salutatorian(s). For the purpose of determining the top five Honor Graduates only, courses taken in summer, through correspondence, and Driver Education will be excluded when computing the grade point average. Honor Graduates wear one gold cord and a gold stole to distinguish these graduates as those who have attained the highest academic achievement and are seated in a designated area.

    The total number of Honor Graduates should not exceed five except for the following conditions:

    1. Two or more graduates attain the fifth highest grade point
    2. Three or more graduates attain the fourth highest grade point
    3. Four or more graduates attain the third highest grade point
    4. Five or more graduates attain the second highest grade point
    5. Six or more graduates attain the highest grade point If this should occur, these students will be considered “Co-Valedictorians.”

    In all the above cases, the number of Honor Graduates would be increased by one or more depending on the number of graduates who attain the same grade point average. Conversely, if there is a tie for the first four honor positions, it would not automatically necessitate an increase in Honor Graduates. If two (three or four) graduates tie for the second highest grade point averages, such a tie would be considered as the second and third (fourth and fifth) highest averages; and, therefore, would not necessitate additional Honor Graduates. If two (or three) graduates tie for the third highest average, such a tie would be considered as the fourth and fifth highest averages and would not require additional Honor Graduates.



    Students graduating “with honors” and their parents are invited to a banquet to recognize and celebrate their academic accomplishments. Students must have met all of the graduation requirements to be invited to the banquet. It is at this banquet that the top five honor graduates are announced.


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