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Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Cristy Doty

     Welcome to kindergarten! Mrs. Doty is excited about being your child's teacher. Mrs. Doty has 17 years of teaching experience, thirteen of which have been teaching kindergarten. She is certified in Early Childhood and Elementary Education. Her certification is Pre-K through the 8th grade. Education is important to Mrs. Doty and she wants to help her students grow and help them become confident learners. She is happily married with two beautiful daughters.


     In kindergarten your child will learn a lot of fun and exciting new things. It is Mrs. Doty's goal to give your child one on one time to learn the skills needed in kindergarten to be successful. Your child will learn so many new things this year: letter sounds, tap and blend sounds to read words, read simple stories, create words, write sentences independently, count to 100, addition, subtraction, just to name a few! Your child will make lots of new friends and become more independent as the year goes on.


     Kindergarten is very important because it is the grade that starts the foundation for your child's education. If your child doesn't have a good educational foundation they can face many obstacles in the future. Our curriculum is based off the Louisiana Student Standards. Mrs. Doty will use a wide variety of teaching strategies to help your child learn the kindergarten curriculum. Mrs. Doty and your child will need your help throughout the school year. If you all work together as a team then this will be a successful school year.


     If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Mrs. Doty by writing her a note, calling her at the school, or sending her an email. Please feel free to contact her with any problems or concerns that might arise throughout the school year. She is here to help you and your child have a successful school year. Mrs. Doty is excited about this school year and looks forward to working with you and your child.