Degrees and Certifications:

Mr. George B. Chauvin

George Chauvin has been teaching in St Bernard Parish since 1993, and joined the staff of Chalmette High in 2007. Prior to 1993 he taught for three years in Jefferson Parish at Gretna Junior High School.  As a certified Industrial Arts Education teacher, Mr. Chauvin teaches Carpentry and Computer Assisted Drafting (CAD).  A 1981 graduate of Chalmette High School, Mr. Chauvin then attended Nicholls State University where he earned his Secondary Education Degree, as well as, a Masters of Supervision and Administration.  Mr. Chauvin is a second generation Industrial Arts teacher in St. Bernard Parish, His father , Charles Chauvin, taught for over thirty years at St. Bernard High School. Mr. Chauvin is married with three children.


Dear students/parents:

Welcome to Industrial Arts /Technology Education.  The courses that will be taught this years are as follows.  General Technology Education (NCCER Core), NCCER Carpentry Level I,NCCER Carpentry Level II, and Computer Assisted Drafting. Virtually all of the supplies you will need are in the shop.  Just come to class ready to work and learn and we will provide you with the training to learn the basic skills of carpentry.  


What To Expect:

Each area of concentration consist of a module which has lessons in a specified area.  For example, In our Core class the first Module is on  Safety.  Each student will complete the module and take a written test upon completion of each module. There are nine modules total for the semester.  Also, inside each module is a performance profile in which each student must perform a skill. Example how to use a hand saw or how to measure with a tape measure.  Each performance profile coordinates with the lessons being taught.



Written module test will use the parish wide 7 point grading scale.  Performance profiles are only Pass or Fail.