• And so we come to the last week of classes and the 2019-2020 school year. It has been an unusual end, but we have managed to learn some new things (both you and me) and to keep at it until we got here. I have enjoyed sharing the experience with you and seeing those of you who attended the Zoom classes. I hope that what we have learned in this class, as fragmented as it was, will benefit you going forward, either in classes you take next year and/or in college classes in the near future. I hope to see those of you who are serious about this in English V next year. Until then, it has been a pleasure to have you. I wish you a happy, healthy and enjoyable summer, and I will see you--in some form or other--next school year.  Mr. Dugger

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  • Here we are in our final week for seniors. English V will end this week, and English IV will end for graduating seniors whose last day is Friday, May 01. Listed here are the assignments for the week of APril 27-May 01 for everybody. After May 01, there will be no assignments for seniors. They will be finished. 

    It's been a strange and disrupted ending of the year for you all, I know, as it has been for all of us. I hate to see you leave us in this social distancing circumstance, but, on the other hand, it is an exciting time for you as well: your're finishing (mostof you) and moving on to new things, new horizons, new stages of life. And that is as it should be. Congratulations to those of you who made it and who made it right. You're learning how to do things in this world, and you should have a sense of great accomplishment for having done so. I'm proud of those of you who have made the most of this CHS experience, and I look forward to hearing amazing things from the class of 2020. You're a special group! Go get 'em.




    1. Monday, April 27: Read over/study the          instructional sheets on Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement. This explains how it is all done.

    2. Tuesday, April 28: Zoom class demonstration: Pronoun-Antecedent AGreement. Do Lesson V9: Correcting Inappropriate Shifts in Pronoun Number and Person from IXL.

    3. Wednesday, April 29: View one of two YOu tube videos on Pronoun Agreement.

    4. Thursday, April 30: Read articles on use of singular they.

    5. Friday, May 01: END OF COURSE. Seniors' last day. NO assignment.




    1. Monday, April 27: Read and study Run On SentenceInstruction sheets.

    2. Tuesday, April 28: Do IXL Lesson T2:  Identifyin Run On Sentences.

    3. Wednesday, April 29: Watch two videos from You tube on Run Ons and Comma Splices.

    4. Thursday, April 30: Do IXL Lesson T3: Choose Punctuationto Prevent Fragments and Run Ons.

    5. Friday, May 01: END OF COURSE FOR SENIORS. Seniors' Last Day. No assignment.

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  • Below is the Pronoun Poweer Poiont referred to in the Google classroom assignment. You may have already viewed this, but if not, here it is to view.

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  • Hello everyone,

         As we move along in our progress toward completing our courses, we will be moving to a Google classroom for next week's work. Click on the Clever section of the school board page to access the icon which will take you to the Google classrooms. See you there.


         Regarding the research paper: I have come to understand that we cannot submit these papers through the Google classroom, so I will ask you to submit your papers in the following fashion.

          Send them to me as an attachment to an email. Be sure you have added SENIOR or JUNIOR in the name section so I know if you are planning on graduating in May. I willl attach a grade sheet for your paper and send it back to you. Unfortunately, we do not have time for comments to be added to this grading, so it will just be what the rubric shows.       I realize some of you may not have the sheet with you that shows how to do the MLA bibliography. So I will post it here for you below. You could also share them with me through Google docs. My email is tdugger@cox.net.

         You may submit your papers any time that you have completed them, remembering to use the Final Checklist to be sure they are ready. 

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If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Hello,

         It’s been a while since I’ve seen y’all. Where have you been hiding? At home, I hope, being safe from the virus and finding things to do with your amounts of free time.

          Now, it’s time to get back to our classwork, so we’re going to begin posting assignments for you on this page today and will probably move to a Google classroom in the near future.  These assignments will affect your grade for the class, but I’ll talk about them in a minute. We’re going to try to do some things, but not be too demanding. We can take advantage of this time to cover things we didn’t get to finish and that might be good for you to know in the future, mostly grammar-wise. These will be helpful for those of you who are juniors and are still going to be taking ACT Tests. For those of you who are seniors, you only have three weeks left until you are out, so we’ll do what we can with you. Unfortunately, this means we will not be able to complete Hamlet (English V—very sad development) or do Macbeth (English IV—also sad.) But for you to try to do those on your own would be somewhat difficult, I think, so we won’t do that to you.

           I the week’s assignments on this page under Assignments and Tests. Click on that and find the assignments for your class. Most of this will not be graded by me but will be practice for you. There are materials in the section marked Resources that you will use to do these assignments.

            I hope you are happy and well. I know this is getting aggravating and difficult not seeing everyone. It is for me, too. I miss y’all. But if we act wisely now, we may be able to get out of this situation in a much shorter time. Failure to do so now might mean we are stuck in this situation for months to come—into next school year and everything. We don’t want that. So be smart, be safe and keep up.

           If you or your parents have any questions regarding things related to these courses or other things I might be able to answer feel free to email me at tdugger@sbpsb.org. I will answer as time allows me to.

    Below I have answers to some questions for you.


    How will our final grade be determined?

         My plan is to do the following:

         Many of you have A’s or B’s or C’s for the 3rd 9 weeks. Check your report card for that. I plan to evaluate what you do in these coming weeks (only 3 for you seniors) and see if you do this work pretty well. If you do, I will assign your 3rd 9 weeks grade as your final course grade. So, if you have an A or B or C and are happy with that, you’ll keep it. If you have a D or an F and you wish to make that grade up, you can submit to me any work you missed in the 3rd 9 weeks to bring that grade up (I will determine how much the make-up work’s points will improve that grade) and then what you do with this remote learning stuff can allow you to keep the new grade. Fair enough?


    What will we be graded on?

         English V students’ grades will be based on 1. Their Cause-Effect Essay, 2. Work they do on grammar worksheets on various aspects of pronouns. You will do some practice ones, which you will check yourselves and report your results to me and worksheets that I will grade. Again, if you do pretty well on these and do them all, you will keep the grade you got for the 3rd 9 weeks. If you do extremely well on these things, you might pull that grade up. If you do poorly or don’t do these things, you could pull the grade down. That will be up to you.

          English IV students’ grades will be based on 1. Your research paper, 2. some grammar worksheets we will do on combining sentences and correcting run ons and 3. Some IXL units and an exercise we will do on research paper stuff so we can get some grades related to the MLA aspects of the paper.


    How will these things be graded?

           I will still do the points grading but will not use it the same way.

    I will use it to determine if you are doing reasonably well on this work to determine if you keep, raise or lower the grade you had in the 3rd 9 weeks. I will grade the papers a bit differently. I will be using a rubric grade sheet that will determine an overall grade, but due to the shortness of time, I will not be able to provide the comments that I traditionally give for these papers. That is a loss, but there isn’t enough time at this late hour to do that for you.

           There will also be a class participation grade based on how many of these assignments you complete.


    What if I have failed the 3rd 9 weeks?

          If this is you, I will be calling you to determine what you would like to do about that. You can do the missed assignments (anyone who failed did so because of missed assignments) for partial credit and see what effect that will have. I will let you know what assignments you are missing if so, and it will be up to you to decide what you will do about them. I probably can’t provide copies of all missing assignments since we don’t have access to stuff in our classrooms, and while some of it I have on jump drives, some of it I don’t. We’ll see what we can work out.


    Will there be ZOOM classes?

            There will be Zoom sessions, but they won’t exactly be classes. These will be voluntary for you. You can check in on these and ask any questions and discuss any issues you may have. They will be like college professors’ office hours where you come in to talk about what you have questions about. These classes will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays at a time scheduled for your class period with me and each of your other teachers. Use this as you need to.


    Will there be a Google Classroom for our class?

             It is my understanding that there will be. I will post assignments for you, you will submit work to me, and we will provide commentary and communication via that site once it is up and running. Not right now, however.


    What about the senior trip, the prom, graduation, etc.?

          A lot of this is still up in the air with no one having any firm answers about what will happen. Seniors’ last day will still be May 1 unless you need more time. Graduation is being worked on as to when and where something can be done. Nothing is settled on that. The prom has been moved once and is in the process of possibly being moved again. It has not been cancelled as of this posting; again, nothing solid as to when or if we will have the prom since we know so little about how this situation is going to play out, but we are working on it, and you will be informed once we know something. The senior trip, sadly, has been cancelled. As I write this, I should be at Medieval Times with 88 senior and 7 other chaperones, but I’m not. You will be refunded your money; it’s also up in the air as to how or when this will occur. The school system is deciding how to handle this as there are a lot of you and there are policies that have to be followed for refunding money. We’ve never had to do this before, so we’re working it out.


    I think that’s all I have for right now. I will update this page and assignments as needed. If you have questions, email me. I’m glad we are back together at least sort of and at least for a little while. We need to make a proper end to this somehow. The hardest part about this separation is the separation of you from us, us from you and you from you. Smart folks make this work to their advantage. I know you will. Stay safe and we’ll end this together as easily and properly as we can. T Dugg

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Phone: 504-301-2600


Degrees and Certifications:

B.A., English, Spring Hill College M.Ed., Educational Administration, Tulane University School Prinicipal Certification

Mr. Tom Dugger


Tom Dugger. Mr. Dugger currently serves as Chairman of the English Department at Chalmette High School, where he continues to teach English IV and English V classes.  A member of the Chalmette faculty since 1988, he has taught these senior level English courses that entire time.  He is the only remaining committee member in the parish who was involved in the creation of the English V course, one the parish created and had certified by the state to serve the needs of honor level seniors who had taken English I as eighth graders. Mr. Dugger holds a B.A. from Spring Hill College and an M.Ed. from Tulane University. In addition, he has achieved the Masters +30 academic designation. The 2018-19 school year begins his 50th year in education.

Previously, Mr. Dugger has taught at Vandebilt Catholic High School, Brother Martin High School, Gables Academy (where he served as assistant principal) and P.G.T. Beauregard High School prior to its merger with Chalmette High. He came to Chalmette when the two schools merged in 1988. He also spent several summers on the staff of the St. Stanislaus summer camp in Mississippi. He was named Chalmette High School’s Teacher of the Year in 1996. While at CHS, he has directed and co-directed productions (with Ms. Pat Babin) for CHS Live, including My Fair Lady, Arsenic and Old Lace, Harvey, Mame, The King and I, Leading Ladies, The Three Musketeers, Cash on Delivery, 13 Past Midnight, Robin Hood, The Government Inspector,Murdered to Death, and Laughing Stock, and he wrote and twice co-directed the original Christmas play A Night at the Inn, which debuted with its CHS Live performances. Additionally, Mr. Dugger originated and heads the senior trip and inaugurated the annual Golden Owl Awards, which he continues to administer. As a senior class sponsor, he coordinates efforts with Ms.Phyllis Diecidue and senior class members to produce the junior-senior prom.

His interest in education stems from his own experiences with influential teachers while he was in school and a desire to play a similar role in the lives of today’s adolescents.  He believes that the relationships he can establish through time shared both within and outside the classroom can positively impact their lives. The return on this investment in his students comes when they progress  beyond Chalmette and function well in college, a goal for which he worked to prepare them. He also receives numerous communications both via social media and in person regarding his effect in their various lives. Some even compete with him in beard growing once they have graduated.

Outside of Owl Country, Mr. Dugger has been active in the local theater community, where he has performed in such shows as Romeo and Juliet, Amadeus, Waiting for Godot, Social Security, The Diary of Anne Frank, 12 Angry Men, and Death of a Salesman. He is a founding member of the children’s theater troupe, The Patchwork Players, with whom he performed for twenty-five years, retiring in 2009. He was awarded a Big Easy Award as Best Supporting Actor for his role in 12 Angry Men. He is also a lifelong fan of the works of Walt Disney and yearly takes seniors on a visit to the theme parks in Orlando. In addition, he writes a little, reads a lot and dabbles in various forms of art and photography.