Phone: 504-301-2600


Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelors of Science-Loyola University of New Orleans Masters of Gifted Education-University of New Orleans Advanced Placement Instructor Certification from the College Board

Ms. Lindi Senez

Teaching Philosophy

Ms. Senez has taught at CHS for the past seventeen years. As a teacher of science for the Academically Gifted, she understands the uniqueness of the gifted student and is dedicated to making the scientific learning experience meaningful, individualized, joyful, and challenging.

Concerned with the development of the total person, she prepares engaging lessons that build upon each student’s strengths and address his or her relative weaknesses. She enriches the curriculum with in-depth research, creative activities, Socratic discussions, computer technology, and real-world applications.

Because student evaluation is important, she regularly analyzes student progress and adjust instructional strategies accordingly. To measure student growth, she uses many instruments—formal and alternative assessments. For example, she guides each student through the inquiry process, directs the creation of research portfolios, and reviews the analytical progress regularly.

Teaching science is her passion; therefore, her love for inquiry, research, and effective communication becomes contagious in the classroom. Every year she looks forward to guiding each student through a Scientific adventure.