• There are a couple of things that you need to know that are not in the instuctions on my web page.

    1. If you are using your phone to do the assignment, when you get to the campus login you will click on create new account and then continue to follow the instructions.
    2. You can only fail an assessment 10 times and if you do, you will have to start the course over.

    Here is how you should proceed with the course.

    1. If you fail an assessment 5 times, you need to go back and redo that section because you do not know enough to pass.
    2. Once you have completed that section then you can take the assessment 3 more times. If you are still fail the assessment all three times STOP, DO NOT TAKE THE ASSESSMENT AGAIN
    3. Go to your google classroom and to my course and leave me a comment that I can respond to, and I will try to set up a personal zoom meeting with you to see what is the problem.
  • Google Classroom Instructions

    Students when you login to your Google Classroom look for your invitation to my class and accept the invitation. If you have any problems with the Assignment or directions you can leave me a note and I will respond to your comment in my google classroom.

    SEE HOW TO SET UP YOUR COURSE ON THE REMOTE LEARNING ASSIGNMENTS BELOW THE WELCOME TAB. See how to set up your course on the Remote Learning Assignment located below the Welcome tab. NOTE: It will be in the directions tab under the assignment.

    See the weekly schedules below to see where you should be each day. I would prefer as always that you finish this as soon as you can.

Teacher Schedule for Week of April 20th, 2020
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Degrees and Certifications:

BS in Accounting Louisiana Teacher Certificate Certifications in Word, PowerPoint, Excel, CIW Internet basics, Customer Service, OSHA, FEMA, and SP2 Automotive.

Michael Blum

Mr. Blum's approach to teaching Business Computer Application is to find how each student can best learn the material and then set up the coursework to accommodate them. He also believes in providing motivation through rewards and incentives for staying on task.

Mr. Blum is in his eighth year at Chalmette High School having come from Shaw High School where he taught for one year. He comes from the business world having worked 30 years in sales, management, and accounting. He was responsible for managing multi-million dollar companies and overseeing hundreds of employees. He has a degree in accounting from the University of New Orleans in 1977 and recieved his teaching certification from Our Lady of Holy Cross College in 2011.

There is nothing nobler to Mr. Blum than to help a student improve, whether it is academically, socially, athletically, or morally. He can use his life experiences to pass on advice and options to children who are looking for answers and direction in their life.

Mr. Blum is married for 44 years. He has two daughters and three grandsons that make him very proud.