Letter from the Principal

  • Welcome to the 2021-2022 school year! I am so excited to announce that I am the new Principal of Chalmette Elementary and we have a new Assistant Principal, Mrs. Andrea Woodward.  It is truly an honor to be part of a community where parents, teachers, and students care for each other and strive to build positive relationships that support academic and social growth.   The St. Bernard School District’s theme for the year is Unity.  Our Chalmette Elementary School goal this year, based on the district theme, is to Unity Is The Way To Victory.

    Our faculty and staff  are eager to meet the needs of our students in the classroom, but are prepared to adapt to district, state, and federal guidelines to provide a challenging education in a safe environment for our students.  Our ever-expanding technology resources and ongoing teacher training will allow us to meet the demands of today’s shifting learning environment.  

    To stay informed we encourage parents to use the online tools available, including SchoolStatus, the school and district websites as well as individual teacher web pages.  Through the Student Progress Center, you can monitor your child’s grades all year long.  Our CES Facebook page, Chalmette Elementary Connection, celebrates our successes and provide a calendar of upcoming events.   You can encourage your child to practice his/her skills at home, too, using the computer programs available through the school website.

    The faculty and staff look forward to working with you and your children.  Being united  is the way to Victory.


    Katie A. McNab

Registration & Supply Lists


  • School Times

    The school day begins at 8:40am.  Students may arrive on campus no earlier than 8:15a.m.  Students will be tardy and must be checked in by a parent after 8:40am.

    **Students may not be checked out after 3:20pm.**

    Walkers & Car Riders who wish to eat breakfast must arrive by 8:25am and report directly to breakfast.



    • Uniforms must be worn on the 1st day of school. (See enclosed flyer for information on uniforms)
    • Be sure that extreme hairstyles or colors are restyled or given time to grow out before school begins.
    • Please fill out the enclosed label and attach it to your child on the first day of school.
    • If the transportation information is different from last year, please CALL THE OFFICE immediately.
    • If you are unable to attend Supply Drop off Night, your child will find out his homeroom teacher on the first day of school.



    No Parking is allowed in the school parking lot during arrival and dismissal time. (8:15 – 8:40) & (3:15 – 3:40)

    If you need to visit the school office between 8:40 & 3:15, you may park in the 20 minute parking spots.

     Parking is NOT allowed under the covered portion of the driveway in front of school.



    Bus Riders

    Students who will be regular bus riders are strongly encouraged to ride the bus on the first day of school so they receive the proper bus tag when they arrive.  Refer to the district website for specific information regarding bus routes and pick up times.

    Car Riders

    Be aware that Plauche St. is a ONE WAY heading north towards Judge Perez during school hours. Car Rider Parents should approach the school from St. Bernard Hwy. turn left onto E. Chalmette Circle and right on Plauche.  Specific car rider instructions are enclosed.  Car Riders will receive a sign at Supply Day which should be placed on the right side of your dashboard.  Please be mindful of not blocking driveways.


    Walkers MUST enter the school through the front doors of the building.  Walkers must cross Chalmette Circle by the crossing guard in front of school.  No student will be allowed to walk through the grass or parking lot to enter the building.  Parents are NOT allowed to drop off or pick up a student in the front parking lot or park in the lot and walk a child to the door or pick him up.  If the student comes to school in a vehicle, they will be considered a car rider and MUST be dropped off in the car line.  A walker who arrives late without an adult will remain in the office until a parent is notified.  If you give your child permission to walk or ride a bike to school on his/her own, your child will line up in the main hallway to be checked off by the duty teacher and then released through the front doors.  These students must walk directly off campus cross E. Chalmette Circle by the crossing guard.  Students must walk their bikes while on campus.