• Holes

    by Louis Sachar Year Published: 1998 Fiction

    Stanley Yelnats, an unlucky teenager, is sent to Camp Green Lake to dig holes in the hot Texas desert to "build his character." Stanley is convinced that his punishment is related to a family curse caused by his "no good dirt rotten pig stealing great great grandfather." But, is there more to Camp Green Lake than meets the eye?

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  • Woods Runner

    by Gary Paulsen Year Published: 2010 Historical Fiction

    13 year old Samuel lives with his parents on the edge of the wilderness in the British colony of Pennsylvania, a long wayfrom the civilization of any town. Samuel knows how to hunt and how to survive in the untamed forest that surrounds his home on the frontier, where it can take days for news to arrive. There are rumors that American patriots have begun a bloody war against the English. To Samuel, the fighting in the cities and towns to the east seems far away. 

    Then the war comes to him. 

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  • George VS. George

    by Rosalyn Schanzer Year Published: 2004

    There were once two enemies who were both named George. George Washington was the man who freed the American colonies from the British, and George III was the British king who lost them. 

    But who was right? There are two sides to every story. 

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  • Hatchet

    by Gary Paulsen Year Published: 1987

    Lost. Brian Robeson, sole passenger on a Cessna 406, is on his way to visit his father when the tiny bush plance crashes in the Canadian wilderness. With nothing but his clothing, a tattered windbreaker, and the hatchet his mother had given him as a present, Brian finds himself completly alone. 

    Challenged by his fear and despair-and plauged with the weight of a dreadful secret he's been keeping since his parents' divorce-Brian must tame his inner demons in order to survive. It will take all his know how and determination, and more courage than he knew he possessed. 

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  • If You Lived at the Time of the American Revolution

    by Kay Moore Year Published: 1997

    A different time...a different place...What if you were there?

    If you lived at the time of the American Revolution: 

    *What started the American Revolution? 

    *Did everyone take sides?

    *Would you have seen battle?

    Before 1775, thirteen colonies in America belonged to England. This book tells about the fight to be free and independent. 

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  • Love That Dog

    by Sharon Creech Year Published: 2001

    Meet Jack, who tells his story with a little help from some paper, a pencil, his teacher, and a dog named Sky.

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  • The Circulatory Story

    by Mary K. Corcoran Year Published: 2010

    Ready to get pumped? 

    Ever wonder how blood moves through your body? Well, wonder no more. Hop on board a red blood cell as it takes a trip through the body's circulatory system. Meet the mighty muscle, the heart, then zip through blood vessels before making a couple of pit stops for gas-oxygen and carbon dioxide, that is.

    It's all just a heartbeat away!

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